UNHCR Fails To Honor Appointments For Asylum Seekers Interviews In Thailand & Malaysia

I received messages this morning from our brethren suffering, messages of blessings and love.    As persecution and fear increases these precious ones faith is remaining strong among heartbreak.

I had been praying for all the Christian Asylum seekers in Thailand, & Malaysia, but one in particular as their Interview date with the UNHCR came close.  I received a heartbreaking message from them.  Their interview date had been postponed yet again.  This is the Common Practice of the UNHCR in Thailand to postpone appointment after appointment sealing the fate of these dear brethren.  The fate of fear, hiding, and arrest.  They are following the impossible rules set by the UN, yet they are lost in the cracks of a broken system.  A system overwhelmed, a system that has failed them. They are lost with their dreams of a free life, dreams of education, dreams of moving freely among society.  Shattered dreams, and yet their faith is strong.  Would your Faith remain strong?

shattered dreams

I heard, “I am heartbroken as my appointment is set for 2017.”  Each time their interviews come up they are postponed for yet another year.  Not another week, another day, another month.  But another year.

So for another year they are forced into hiding, into situations of darkness, where they can’t provide for even basic necessities of life.  Forced into watching their children lack for food and medicine, and forced into hiding so they can not even play outside.  Disease runs rampant, and yet their faith increases.  Holding on to Hope through the storm.  Media outlets have begun to wake up to their plight, but their reports as ours go unheeded.  The UNHCR responded recently to an email that I sent them explaining they couldn’t help as Thailand is not a signatory to the UNHCR refugee program. Malaysia is not a signatory to the program either.   That is not acceptable.  The UN needs to stop ignoring and rewarding countries with Human Rights abuses.  Speak out for them.  Especially now with the Migrant crises, hold our lawmakers accountable, ask them to intervene where they can.  Ask them to call for a UN Security council meeting on these countries who are persecuting the persecuted.  Do Something.  We have an opportunity now like never before, after our lawmakers acknowledged Christian Genocide.  Hold them accountable for Persecution.

C. Refsland


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