Suicide Bombing In Lahore Children’s Park–Packed For Easter

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As I hit the publish button on my last Post about the UNHCR failing in it’s protection of Pakistani Christian Asylum Seekers in Thailand and Malaysia, news broke first from Dawn in Pakistan about a heinous attack in Lahore.  A apparent suicide bomber detonated a bomb in a Lahore Park for Children.  Just a few meters away from the Children’s swings.  Dawn news reported that the park was packed for Easter celebrations and that over 60 people have been killed and 200 wounded.  Mostly women and children.  The scenes of body parts and blood were overshadowed by the look on one man’s face.  He literally looked as though he had looked into the face of Satan.  And truly he had.

Photo from Jerusalem Post

Photo from Jerusalem Post

Demonic activity such as this is becoming prevalent.  Children, God’s most precious commodities are being slaughtered.  Christians are facing extinction.

This from CNN:  A splinter group of the Pakistani Taliban, Jamat-ul-Ahrar, claimed responsibility for the bombing, a member of the group told CNN. The attack targeted people in a park celebrating Easter, spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan said. He said that such attacks will continue.

Pakistan is a hot bed for these attacks against Christians.  That’s why they are fleeing.  And the UNHCR fails to protect them.  The world is silent and fomenting deals of arms and trade with countries such as Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and others while their human rights records are horrendous.  Pakistani Christians are one of the most persecuted groups in the world, and yet the world won’t recognize it.  They say there may be prejudice against  Christians but no persecution.  What a huge lie.  Burning to death, dragging through the streets, rape, torture, forced conversions, forced marriages, shootings and the list goes on and on.  The Blasphemy law is at the top.

It’s time for the West, especially our leaders to stop covering up these atrocities, stop making deals with the devil and demand that Nations such as Pakistan take accountability instead of sitting on their hands while Christians and other minorities are attacked.  It’s time for America’s President to take an active role for peace, not lecturing the West on Islamaphobia.  Enough is enough.  Demand our lawmakers to stand up and demand that the UN be held accountable for it’s failures.  Demand the UN Security Council meet about these countries persecuting Christians and other minorities.  Demand that the Blasphemy law be banned and that women’s rights be instituted.  Pakistan recently tried to implement a bill protecting Women, but it was shot down immediately by the Mullah there.  This is unacceptable.  Worship as you want, but demand they respect the rights of women, children, and other minorities.  The founder of Pakistan had this dream, and then the ruling clerics took over.  In a modern world, human rights and peace are at the forefront, demand the step into the 21st Century.

I have been hearing from some of our brethren there and they are checking themselves as safe, but still many haven’t checked in.  Pray for them.

Credit to Dawn News & Jerusalem Post & CNN

C. Refsland

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  1. This is so horrible. Just what I would expect from the “death cult”of islam, which is being protected and welcomed into this nation by the plane load to do the same kind of attacks against innocent people.

    I cannot help but notice that these attacks are always against those who cannot defend themselves, the goal being just to kill, to murder as many as possible for their little “demon god”.

    When it happens here the government will run wildly about making worthless and nonsensical statements, to cover their complicity in the slaughter. Just as they always do.

    May the LORD GOD of Israel help these poor people who have lost their children and family members, and grant our brothers and sisters a True Homeland with HIM+ in the New Jerusalem and the Millenial Earth.


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  3. Praying….
    I wish I could believe that our ‘president’ hasn’t enabled the rise of the new caliphate and such atrocities but I can’t. Things are SO unsettling….


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