Believe It Or Not: Every Day Another Christian Dies Or Faces Death For Their Faith In Christ




Christians across the world are worshiping in basements, in jungles, in wooded areas and are facing death simply for worshiping Christ.  There are increasing numbers of Converts, they too are facing death.  Today reports surface from Bangladesh about a Muslim convert to Christianity who was brutally killed because of his conversion.  A couple of weeks ago we saw horrific slaughter of Nuns in Yemen because they were Christian.   While we in the West deny this and carry on business as usual another dies for Christ.  Another is in prison such as Asia Bibi awaiting her death sentence in Pakistan against a false Blasphemy charge.  While Christians in the West close their eyes to what is true revival and Faith, saying this will never happen here.  We take advantage of our freedoms here, we have grown cold and indifferent to the suffering of our Brethren.

Since the declaration of genocide against Christians at the hands of the Islamic State, I have been rolling up my sleeves and delving into research, and news reports from all sources Christian and secular.  This was a great start, but there are so many human rights abuses that have gone unnoticed or slid to the side that it’s staggering.  I have reported repeatedly about Pakistan and the abuse and persecution of Christians there.  The stories and reports there are heartbreaking.  And all efforts to bring awareness to abuse of women most especially in Pakistan are quashed immediately by the ruling Islamic clerics there.  Iran is another country that commits atrocities beyond belief.  Churches there are forced underground in many cases, and are hunted down as threats to the government.  Threats to the government.  Iran is one of many Islamic countries, but the rule of Sharia is so strict there that anyone who is not Muslim is a threat to the government.  This is why Saeed Abidini was arrested and imprisoned there.  He was a threat to them since he wanted to share the Gospel of Christ and help those less fortunate.  Many other Pastors have been arrested there also.  Not only Christians but many of their own people suffer from this strict rule.  As we know Iran executes by hanging those they label a threat.  Sunni Muslims suffer at the hands of the government there also.  And we all watched years ago as Iran fired on and killed many of it’s citizens for protesting.  A short time ago a group of youth was arrested for making a video about being Happy.  They said it was shameful for men and women to be together with out proper covering. There are reports that tell us the Christians worshiping in Iran are growing, and their faith grows in persecution.  There are numbers that tell us there is a growing number of converts to Christianity.  Which is to be praised.    It’s very hard to obtain accurate numbers from that part of the world.   Those numbers that are reported don’t reflect accurately the presence there of an underground church or converts.   As I have confirmed many Christians are fleeing Iran as the government increases it’s crackdown.  Fleeing to neighboring countries like Turkey and the EU, even the USA.

While we talk about Iran and the deal made with them, we often talk about them as a whole.  As we report that Iran has one goal and that is to destroy Israel and even the US, we forget that the people of Iran don’t hold to this same opinion.  In fact they frequently use social media to voice their love for others outside of Iran.  The people of Iran are under oppression and we need to step up our prayers for them.  Prayers for God to show them the way to life.  Prayers for Christ to show them His love and Gospel.  We also know that new Christians and old alike, are hungry for the word of God, they have few Bibles and must worship in secret.  Much like in China and other countries.  Christians who fled Pakistan’s brutal persecution to Thailand are worshiping in silence also, afraid to go out for fear of being arrested, and the Christian churches there help when they can but they too are under scrutiny and can give little aid or support.  In a modern world this is unacceptable.  This is 2016 not the middle ages.  Governments are  quickly looking the other way as atrocities are carried out in countries like Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and even across Africa and the East.  Remember to pray for them, when the body of Christ comes together to pray things happen.  This has been proven over and over.  Pray for the Christians of Iran, Pray for the People of Iran, Pray for those Christians in Thailand, Pray for Christians in India, across the Middle East and Africa Christians are asking for our prayers.  Let’s make this a priority in our prayer list.  Reach out to a persecuted Brother or Sister and let them know you care, and are praying for them.  Thank God for our blessings and ask Him to Bless them.  Would  you face this persecution as our Brethren have?  Could you spend years in prison and emerge with your faith?  Time to ask these questions.

By C. Refsland

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