Now That Genocide Has Been Declared, Let’s Keep Our Lawmakers Accountable In Their Actions To Help And Prevent More Slaughter


I am Praising God with brothers and sisters around the world for our Government finally recognizing the Genocide that is taking place across Africa, and the Middle East.  By acknowledging that the Islamic State has committed Genocide and crimes against humanity it should open doors for the groups listed.  There are already voices in Congress calling for revisions in considering asylum seekers.   This should give hope to the hopeless.    But the state department spokesman was already saying that this does not give the US a legal obligation to do more.  What about a moral obligation?

This leaves me with alot of questions.  Not that I”m ungrateful, but I’m trying to make sense of the senseless.  The number one question I have is why, if they know that the Islamic state is cleansing area’s of ethnicity are they more concerned about removing Assad from power than they are removing the Islamic State?  Why indeed.  And of course we know that Iran is backing Assad, and with the declaration of genocide against shiites, Iran will become more emboldened.  I know that all religious minorities have been targeted.  I know that shiites have been attacked also.  There has been a war raging between shiites and sunni muslim’s for centuries.  At times it appears calm, at times throughout history it has settled to mild disagreements about Mohammed’s successor.  At times it has settled, but now it rages like a wildfire unchecked.  Iran (shiites) and all they back actually believe that this war between them will bring about their Mahdi (messiah) and he will bring their version of jesus (false christ) to convert everyone, and kill the unbelievers, and unite all muslims.

The US government completely ignored genocide in Rwanda, and Darfur.  And sat silently while millions were slaughtered.  So of course, this new declaration gives them a sort of bragging rights.  And now they report that “We’re very confident we’ve done an enormous amount.”  Really?  Reuters reported that while Kerry argued we had done so much to fight the Islamic state, he refused to answer a question on why we had not done more to prevent genocide.  They seem to be taking credit for rescuing the Zazidi’s.  They continue to say that they have pushed Daesh back.  But they continue to gain ground in Libya and throughout  Africa, with all groups there from Al-Shabob to Boko Haram, joining them.  The Islamic state has destroyed whole cities not only in Syria, but in Iraq, and even Africa.  They even have a presence in countries like Pakistan.  This group has it’s own banking system, it’s own communications systems, and it’s gaining in ground. Groups claiming to give loyalties to anyone fighting their enemies like Daesh and Assad have done almost as much damage as Daesh.  And the West is funding them with money and weapons.   The west again has priorities that will only bring more chaos, not peace.

So what will this declaration do?  Pray that it opens doors for Christians to have an easier path to a safe, free country like America.  Pray that eyes will open to persecution, pray that blindness to this be removed.  Our work is only beginning, we must continue to speak out, speak out for those targeted.  Our brethren across the Middle East and Africa are asking for our prayers.  Now that the work is just beginning, raise your voices and keep our lawmakers and leaders accountable for their actions.

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  1. We are very thankful for ANY help for our suffering Brothers and Sisters! However, there are many layers of COLLUSION to this well polished lie.

    There is so much evidence that the U.S. has created and supported Daesh as most who closely follow these events know. Also, it was Russia that “pushed back” Daesh, NOT the U.S. Russia is now withdrawing the majority of its forces from Syria, and who will go in to take it’s place?

    We are watching a well planned charade being played out in front of us, covered with an equally well planned coating of more lies,the number one product produced in the “City of Baal”.

    Having said this I am still thankful for ANY relief for the Body of CHRIST in these targeted areas, as well as others caught up in the extermination plans of the islamic devils and their “backers”.


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