The North Korea of North America…


The North Korea
of North America


Get Ready, Church.


When the troublous tide engulfs North America… when Christians here are not whisked away from all torture and torment … when uncontrollable evil leaders implement the Agenda of the Ten Kings of Revelation 17 , the Church will be under severe persecution.


It will be the LAST persecution on earth of GOD’S people, but it will be the MOST SEVERE persecution ever endured.


It will be so bad that unless the LORD had curtailed the days of it, no flesh would be saved.


When this happens, the Church of North America will go through the Great Sifting.


We will be ground like as in a sifter with a spring handle which moves a mesh screen back and forth, back and forth under a tight metal blade until the flour is fully ground, filtered, and finally… READY FOR USE.


We will have no choice except to cling onto CHRIST JESUS and endure… or else, we will deny CHRIST before men.


Already, we are softening the blow by tolerating unrighteousness in the church proper. Some call it “toleration” ; others call it “loving one another.”


When we do this, we are conditioning ourselves to capitulate to the evil coming in like a flood. No Standard of CHRIST is in our hand to lift up against the wicked or their program. No Light of CHRIST emanates from us. HE+ does not recognize us as His+ Brethren.


By so doing, we plot a way to escape from the persecution. Indeed, some may  … only to fall into an Eternal Persecution, an unceasing persecution.


Is persecution determined for North America ?

Does GOD have favorites ?


Yes, HE+ does. HE+ favors those who pick up the Cross HE+ assigns and count it all joy.


The Church of North America MUST be sifted. It must be sifted soon before the Light is totally removed from it.


No other country on earth has had at least SOME FORM of the Gospel preached as much as it has gone forth in North America. We have the Gospel coming at us on TV, from the radios, in movies , DVD’s, and even billboards.

The internet is replete with the Gospel in every language and persuasion imaginable. Magazines, newsletters, and fund-raising mail-outs fill our mailboxes. Our homes and churches — and even thrift stores — are awash with Bibles.


The Gospel message of Salvation has been available to North Americans for decades and decades.


What have we done with it ?


Has Psalm 89: 7 been the result?

That is, “GOD is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about HIM.”



So, the LORD has a plan to make the Church readyready to bear Spirit-filled witness to The LORD JESUS CHRIST.

We have done it our way; now HE is going to show us the RIGHT way.


Now is My+ soul troubled;
and what shall I+ say …
FATHER, save ME+
from this hour ?
but for this cause
came I+ unto this hour.

Glorify Thy Name

John 12:27 – 28a


HE is going to make the church ready to be made into the likeness and image of JESUS, HIS Beloved SON+.


HE is preparing the crucible to smelt the dross away from the pure gold of the saints; it is impossible to remove the dross by any other means.


When THAT happens, Church, you will either fall away in bitterness or you will be strong and do exploits.


Those exploits will not be

to release the Church

from persecution, however.


Fiery shafts from the Followers of JESUS will be sent upon the Kingdom of Darkness, upon the Ten Kings of Revelation 17.


They will not be able to work their evil unscathed. They WILL BE hindered from a total take-over of the earth. But in their wrath, i.e., the devil’s wrath, they will turn to persecute the Church even more.


Those who endure to the end will be focused upon The Coming LORD JESUS CHRIST and His+ Arrival on the Mount of Olives.


They who endure will be cheering the gathering of ALL the nations into the Valley of JEHOshaphat, where they will promptly be taken care of by the MAKER of Heaven and Earth.


They will not be looking for peace from any direction or in any entity or homeland, but rather from The KING+ of kings and LORD+ of lords.


They will be SOLD-OUT to JESUS.

They will be the REAL Church.

Church, are you ready for this ?




• Yield your entire heart over to JESUS.


• Minimize your involvement in the world.


Maximize every spare moment by prayer, fasting, Scripture reading and studying and memorization.


Feast on JESUS (via the HOLY SPIRIT) instead of indulging your flesh.


Curtail every activity possible and teach your flesh to submit to QUIETNESS.


Train yourself, through the HOLY SPIRIT, to Listen for His+ Voice.


• Do nothing, Go nowhere, See no-one without HIS+ direct unction.



for the night is coming…

when no man can work.

+  +  +

In the Name of GOD the FATHER ALMIGHTY,

and of HIS Beloved Eternal SON+ and WORD+,

and HIS Blessed Eternal HOLY SPIRIT. Amen.

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28 replies

  1. Good morning brothers and sisters in Christ. I think I can share a very simple answer to the question about reconciling the post trib gathering of thd elect with Jesus’ other comment that only the Father knows the day and hour of this.

    I take no credit for this at all. I am not by myself able to understand God’s holy Word that well…… but late last night after I went to bed, I was thinking about this, and I sincerely believe the Lord gavd me understanding of this to share with others.

    YES… Jesus teaches His return, as well as the gathering of thd elect, takes place “Immediately AFTER the tribulation of those days” (Matthew 25:29, similar verses also in Mark 13:24, Luke 21:27).

    YES… Jesus taught no man, not even the Son, knows the hour or day of this (Matthew 24:36)

    BUT….. the Lord showed me last night that we Christians have forgotten an important verse that ties the above verses together and explains the timeline without any contradiction. We have largely missed this, including me over years of studying this.

    The key verse linking the two is Matthew 24:22 and analagous verses in Mark, etc. stating “… for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened”.

    Go back to Revelation 13…. Antichrist gets 3.5 years to persecute Christians. Then the false prophet appears on the stage to continue the tribulation against the saints, including instituting the dreaded mark of the beast.

    The key here is that the days (obviously referring to the second “half” of the tribulation, after the well defined time period of 42 months that antichrist gets) are SHORTENED.

    So we do not know how long that part lasts. Remember, this is the period where Christians are starving, because since they would not take the mark, they cannot buy or sell. The Lord has shortened THOSE days.

    The point being that what Jesus said about not knowing the hour or day is true, just as it is true He is coming back AFTER the tribulation ends. No one but the Father knows exactly when the tribulation ends, but it is shorter than 7 years, because Jesus said so.

    THIS is why the verses about not knowing when it will happen do NOT contradict Jesus’ teaching about coming back AFTER the tribulation. He is not the author of confusion, friends.

    This is the word the Lord had given to me to share with His people.

    All glory to Him. All hail the mighty name of Jesus the Christ!


    Greenville NC


  2. May I add a few comments?
    1. Interesting article and interesting inputs from commentators.
    2. Matthew 6:25-34
    We get so caught up with the future that we forget about today. I live here in sin COUNTRY, Italy and boy (!) if I will still be around— am in for the ride of.. …..scary stuff.
    I live in the olive oil region andif I may will tell you about oil……something called la resa. Each olive tree produces its share of olives (CHRISTIANS) when its time all the olives we can gather are brought to the frantoio where they are ground and squeezed of all its oil.Each year is different for obvious farming reasons, weather, viruses, worms, etc….which brings us to la resa —- basically how much oil is squeezed out of a certain quantity of olives. (Christians?) And this determines market price. At times we’ll get 11% maybe 13 or if lucky 15 -18 %.
    How much oil will be squeezed out of each and everyone of us for the Glory of HIS Kingdom?
    Will it be a good oil, highly sought out—full bodied that will exalt the flavors of whatver food it touches or rancid that will go bad in a short amount of time?
    3. My banana peel theory……whose to say that I dont slip on a banana peel, hit my head and lights out for good and am not around to see the final fireworks? BUT I will still have to answer to Him as to how I used the time given to me while here for His Kingdoms Glory.?
    Soooo you see we get back to Matthew 6
    Dont stress folks about a tomorrow we might not even see, lets get busy and make today as full as possible because it might be all we have left.
    Together we CAN battle and be that awesome light that sends the darkness packing…..Yo….we got Jesus on our side what more do you want?
    We ARE because HE IS, we CAN because HE ALLOWS us to.
    May HIS love and light shine upon all of you!!!


  3. Great warning and to all who have an ear let them here. I started a web page which began as letter to my family warning of the coming deceptions and not to be deceived. Each of us can do something…I challenge everyone to begin doing something no-matter how small, God will use it. Daniel


  4. Wow, this is the message that resonates in my heart. I am very sad to see the “church” so compromised and so impotent in these harrowing times. GOD will winnow HIS church to be effective once more… Thankyou for proclaiming HIS word.


  5. Everything is about Jesus, but nothing about what He said you are to DO! Are you obeying HIS Commandments or doing your OWN???

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    • Beano Mcreano. JESUS / YESHUA left NO doubt as to how we are to conduct ourselves while on the earth as HIS+ Disciples. We are to absolutely DO those things HE+ has commanded us to do. See Matthew 5, 6, and 7 for a start. HE+ is The Eternal WORD+ of GOD Incarnate. HE+ is the Image of HIS+ FATHER. HE+ is The Law Incarnate.


  6. Revelation 6:9-11 = 9 And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held:

    10 And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?

    11 And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.

    We can see that the return of the LORD Jesus Christ is determined by the timing of the seven seals. It is not until a specified number of our brothers and sisters be martyred that Christ will return. With that, one can say that His return is Not imminent, but very near. The first four seals must be opened prior to the fifth seal.


    • Thank you brother Gary. Bless you.


      • I love Jesus and i love your article. Yes the beast will overcome (some of) them in chapter 13. The Revelation church he (two beasts the dragon and the Image) cannot touch . He will not be able to lay a finger on the 24 Elders ch.4 or the 144,000 chapter 7. The beast will however kill the Two Annoited ones in ch 11. However that is allowed and only to show the POWER AND GLORY OF GOD. Yes we will suffer but who suffers most us or those that take the mark?


  7. Absolutely. In Matthew Ch 24, our Mighty King is talking about the signs that will precede His return. Did He say that Christians would be whisked away from this before the terrible suffering hits? NO. In verse 29, our Lord Jesus teaches that His return will occur “… Immediately AFTER the tribulation if those days”. It was only after the Scofield Bible in 1830 that thd church began teaching a post-tribulation rapture, lulling untold millions of Christians into complacency. For such pre-trib people, who believe they deserve somehow to be spared suffering, when the Father spared not His Son and the Son spared not His followers from persecution, I say only this to them….. Chapter and Verse, please!

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    • Amen! Yes, the Scofield Bible established the false doctrine of a “PRE – trib rapture, which spread among the churches like wildfire, placing them in an extremely dangerous position, opening them up to end times deception that will have eternal consequences. Bless you, Thank you for your comment.


      • Thank you for being respectful this far, this topic really gets Christians riled up many times. But, I would ask that you answer/comment my first and main argument; how do you explain the verse no man knoweth the DAY nor hour of HIS Coming if we can know the EXACT day once anti-christ proclaims himself to be God in the temple of God? That is the halfway mark of tribulation. Also, we would know the day by the signing of the covenant with many, which starts tribulation 7 years, so we could count down right away if we are still here and not raptured.


      • You are welcome, friend. Sorry for thd typos. My fat fingers don’t work well on the tiny buttons of the phone.

        Point is, no matter what any perdpn msy day….. Jesus absolutely did NOT teach He would come back and send His angels to “gather the elect” before the tribulation of those days. Analagous verses to be found in Mark Ch 13, also in Luke.

        Christians will be in the cross hairs of the satanic NWO, and the cashless society doon sweeping across the world will, according to Revelation 13, be involved with the false prophet’s Mark.

        The elect WILL be here during that time, per our King Jesus. Therefore, ad human history and end times Biblical prophecy approach an intersection, we Christians had better have several years’ worth of stored goods, access to water, shelter, etc., because when the Mark is implemented, we will have no way apart from black market bartering, to buy or sell, and we Christians will all be out of a job, ad thd Mark will be linked to bank accounts.

        Revelation teaches many of us will be beheaded. So be it; we have somewhere better to be!

        Check out what born again Christian Sgf Mjr Dan Page told an Oathkeepers meeting in St Louis in 2012 about thd coming world govt.


        Greenville, NC


      • I believe the correct Biblical term is the pre-wrath doctrine……not pre trib………….And for those who prepare with guns, and gold, Preppers, as they are called. Gold is one mans treasure while Heaven is the treasure of another. If you put your faith in Gold then God won’t take you in the pre wrath rapture. You can bet that few thought Noah’s ark would come in handy, nor did many think thee red sea would open a path for Moses………….But Jesus can rescue his own before he pours out the wrath of God upon a fallen world……………But we are not appointed to wrath! It is written.


    • How can no man no the DAY nor hour of HIS coming for HIS Bride if we, His saints who you say will not be raptured so will still be on this earth, will know the EXACT day (tho not EXACT hour) of his coming, as soon as we see anticrhist proclaim himself God we can start a count-down, TO THE DAY. there is no sense of urgency in any doctrine besides pre-trib. However, Christ teaches to live with a sense that He (the Master of the household, and many other references he makes in parables) could come at ANY time, in fact at a time no one will expect, so we must be sober and not sleep as the world does because we don’t want to be caught sleeping when He comes. Even though I believe in pre-trib rapture, I also know since many Christians are being killed and harshly persecuted elsewhere in the world so close to the end, it can happen to me, or any saint on America or elsewhere before His return. I am not so naive to believe I am too righteous to be persectued, for Jesus promised us of that. But it is a blessed hope that we may have, that Christ may come ANY MOMENT for us!


      • Yes, it is good to be prepared for what The LORD+ allows to come on the earth and to have our house in order.

        However, we know that faithful followers of MESSIAH JESUS are not appointed unto GOD’S wrath, ( 1 Thess. 5:9 ) but WILL have to face the wrath of the evil one, because he, satan, knows that we are the only ones on earth that have Power to hinder his evil plans.

        The “evil one” hates us as he hates our LORD+. We bear the reproach of those who reproach HIM+, both seen and unseen. ( Romans 15:3 ) ( 1 Peter; 4 : 14 ) If you be reproached for the Name of CHRIST, happy are you…….

        Therefore, “Let us not sleep as do others, but let us watch and be sober.” ( 1 Thess. 5 ).

        Thank you for your comment.


      • Joshua Kelly, peace to you.
        The Lord JESUS said that no man would know the day or the hour, not HIMSELF+, not the angels, but The FATHER only. We will, however , know the season and that HIS+ coming is near, at the door. ( Mark 13 : 32, Matthew 24 : 36 ) “When you see these things come to pass, lift up your heads, for your Redemption draws near.”

        What has come to be called “the rapture” is an inseparable second part of The FIRST RESURRECTION. All of the righteous dead will be raised first, their soul and spirit being reunited with a new and immortal body, like HIS+ Glorious Body.

        Immediately after this the relatively smaller number of saints that are still living on the earth will be translated or “caught up” to meet the LORD+ in the air and so will always be with The LORD+ from that point.

        The ancient, pre- Nicene church taught that the Body of CHRIST would be on the earth until the appearing or “parousia” of The LORD+ in the heavens. This ancient and original church was taught and discipled by Apostles, or men who learned from the Apostles, so I do pay serious attention to what they taught.

        It is plain from Revelation that saints will be on the earth during the fierce times of Tribulation, and will be assailed by the adversary and his human minions. They face the anger of the adversary, but NOT the wrath of GOD. These saints are sealed in their foreheads. They are obviously STILL on the earth, with The Seal of GOD, so the Judgments do NOT touch them.

        The “secret pre-trib rapture” as taught by the modern churches is only about 180 years old or so, and was unknown to The Apostles of The LAMB+. We do need to be watching and praying and hearing from the HOLY SPIRIT continually. All Scriptures will be fulfilled, but it may not be in quite the neat and orderly way the scholars and theologians have laid out for us.

        We do need to walk in love toward each other. We need each others’ love and prayers in these days that are ahead. There has been way too much division and hard feelings in The Body of CHRIST over various doctrinal things …. a trick of satan to divide and weaken us and destroy us if possible. He knows his days are numbered.

        I hope this is beneficial to you brother. Peace to you in JESUS CHRIST our LORD+.


      • A Thought to ponder: If the Rapture does not happen until Christ returns at the second coming and HE destroys all the unbelievers on Earth at that time
        Then takes all the believers to Heaven at that time, WHO will be left to populate the Earth for the 1000 year Kingdom.


      • Hello Elaine. The resurrected saints with then glorified Bodies shall reign with MESSIAH on the earth.
        Those people that are left of the nations that came up against Jerusalem, will repopulate the earth and be allowed to share in the blessings of the Millennial Reign of The MESSIAH / CHRIST upon the earth. They must come up to Jerusalem for the Feast of Tabernacles each year. They will still be mortal human beings capable of dying. See Zechariah 14 : 16 for this description. This is where the Millennial Temple of Ezekiel comes into use. See Ezekiel 41 -42 for the Temples description. This will be for a Memorial of the Sacrifice that has ALREADY TAKEN PLACE in The MESSIAH, The Lamb of GOD Who took away the sins of the world, for all who trusted in HIM+.

        Thank you for your comment.


    • Sorry! Typo. It was only after Scofield the church began teaching a PRE trib rapture.



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