Chaos In Syria-Is The World Giving A Cloak Of Invisibility To Turkey


I have been pouring over recent reports from the latest chaos in Syria.  And one thing is abundantly clear, nothing is clear and nothing is as it seems.  Which leaves alot of questions.  Questions that unfortunately lead to war crimes and death and destruction not seen since WWll.  After WWll safe gaurds were put in place to prevent war crimes as seen today.  But because war has not been declared officially and they are operating under darkness and proxy wars atrocities are quickly placed in the middle of a spin that leaves the whole world reeling like a drunkard.

Those who have not found a new ” normalcy bias” know the darkness playing out.  Western populations are desensitized to the slaughter occurring and believe it is normal.  How can evil regimes commit war crimes like we are seeing with the latest in Syria?  Such as the attack in the last days of a hospital on the borders with Turkey?

Turkey has caused a major rift between NATO and Russia.  NATO has moved ships into the Agean and has already had a confrontation with Turkey that is being reported of course downplayed.  Turkey is ramping up its bombings of Kurds that cross the Syrian borders.
And we are not to believe that Turkey had anything to do with the bombing of a hospital??  We will most likely never know the truth as it would be advantageous to World Leaders for Russia and Assad to be blamed.  And then you throw Iran in the mix and you have a darkness you can’t imagine.  Remember Iran sent children across mine fields in their war with Iraq.  So really?? Are we to believe that these evil regimes are peaceful and will not use civilians to gain in their slaughter and takeovers to fit their evil agendas???


The photo is from wiki-media commons- Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute in Yerevan, Armenia.

By allowing Turkey free reign in its war with the Kurds we will most likely see a war of biblical proportions as Arab countries like Saudi Arabia coming into the arena and this not war will explode into a war to end all wars.

Twenty nations have amassed in Saudi Arabia for war games.  Turkey has recently entered Greek airspace, can it get any worse?  So I ask has world leaders given a carte Blanche to Turkey under a cloak of invisibility that affords them to commit slaughter without responsibility???  Something to ponder as half of the world erupts in wars and genocides.  All carried out in darkness without having to worry about the Geneva convention.  Wake up and watch!


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  1. We are certainly watching this! As you state, there seems to be “players” in this “game” that are lurking and working in the shadows. Mystery Babylon is up to it’s neck in this prelude to carnage on a massive scale.
    May The LORD+ protect HIS+ people and shield them both here and over there where they are the innocent victims of the demon controlled national leaders, only interested in furthering their little islamic fiefdoms, with the FULL Support of the Western Babylon and the U.N. luciferians .


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