Cold War- Nuclear War It’s Beginning


First we have a cease fire in Syria.  Then we have reports of Russia’s continued bombings.  So many things we were told about Syria has been far from truth.

What we do know is Turkey has threatened Russia with NATO.  Turkey has threatened Europe with sending hundreds of thousands more refugees to Europe and by Turkey’s own admission, many have ties to ISIS.  That makes the migrant crises come into clear focus.  Turkey is against Iran’s involvement.  Turkey is in its own war with the Kurds, and Russia has all but given them (Kurds) their own embassy in Russia.  There is a clear war on with Turkey, Russia and Iran.  Each vyeing for power in the Middle East.

NATO just deployed ships to the Agean, they say to monitor human trafficking and prevent migrant death.
Now this.  Saudi Arabia has just sent fighter jets to Turkey.  Supposedly to help fight against ISIS.  As this qoute confirms.

“The Saudi kingdom now has a presence at Incirlik airbase in Turkey,” (brigadier general Ahmed al-Assiri.) More

The stage is being set.  All actors are in place, the curtain is being raised, albeit slowly, but raised all the same.


Whole cities in Syria are destroyed.  Millions have fled.  Hundreds of thousands have died.  And the final battle is a spark away.  Tensions are high, threats abound, and we are seeing the fight for the next caliphate or Ottoman Empire rearing its head.  The nuclear war that is prophesied in the Bible is close. (Zecharia 14:12)
Even Revelation chapter 9 speaks of this war in the sixth trumpet.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced in a report today that Russia is indeed in a new cold war with the US.

Yet so many are content to ignore the signs right under their nose, even with the smell of burning sulphur.  So many deceived.  So many carrying on as if nothing was wrong, just as Jesus warned.

Time is getting shorter.  Soon the whole of the Middle East will be set on fire and millions more will die.  And still they won’t repent and turn from their idol worship.  The US is worried about the security of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons, yet gave them f-16’s.

It’s going to get a whole lot worse real fast.  The global economy is crashing, there is war over most of the earth’s surface with lone wolf attacks even here.  Time to warn!
” What I say to one I say to all, WATCH.”


Henry Kissinger came to Moscow to discuss new financial system with Putin 

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2 replies

  1. So much lying is taking place. The “ten kings” are making their move and working their plan to place their “man” in the position of authority and supremacy, or so they think.

    HE+ Who knows the end from the beginning is watching their every move. They cannot hide their lies from HIM+.

    The Psalm Two War is taking place before our eyes, ” But HE+Who sits in the Heavens shall LAUGH! The Lord ADONAI shall have them in Derision! Then HE+ will speak to them in HIS+ Anger, and TERRIFY them in HIS+ extreme Displeasure.

    Amen! Come LORD JESUS / YESHUA , in flaming Fire to take Vengeance for your Children Israel, both the natural branches and the grafted in branches. The Whole House of Israel will Rejoice over HIS+ Victory.

    Let us prepare ourselves to stand for our LORD+, whether by living or dying, we are HIS+.


  2. Watch also because the US/Obama is pushing Israel to divide the land to form a Palestinian state. Joel 4:1-3 it is all coming together. Be well and God bless


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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