Our Affections … What Do We Love… And WHO+?


If you are risen with CHRIST, seek those things which are above, where CHRIST sits at The Right Hand of GOD.


Set your affections on those things which are above, NOT on things on the earth, for you have died, and your Life is hidden with MESSIAH / CHRIST in GOD.


When CHRIST WHO+ IS OUR LIFE shall appear, then you shall also appear with HIM+ in Glory.   Colossians 3



If ANYONE desires to come after ME+, let him deny himself and take up the Cross and follow ME+ .  Matthew 16:24



And he that does not take up his Cross and follow ME+ is not worthy of ME+ .  Matthew 10:38



For whosoever shall save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for MY+ sake and the Gospel’s, the same shall  save it.


+ + + + + + + +


The world as a whole will attempt to strangle the Follower of JESUS / YESHUA+ with its false value system. The world — the pagan CHRIST-rejectors —  will shame us if we do not run to the same excess as they  do. They may be family members, friends or relatives. If we pay attention to the Words and instructions of our LORD+, we can expect NO approval from those who do NOT belong to HIM+.


This can take many forms.


“Why are you not coming to the big game with everyone?”


“Why do you not take big loans to buy big things?”


“Haven’t you seen the latest big hit movie?”


The questions and accusations can become very pointed at times, and  the Disciple may even be accused of “LEGALISM” !  However, if obeying CHRIST is legalism, the Disciple is in Good company, with the Apostles Paul, John, Peter, Andrew, and ALL the rest of the ancient followers of The SON+ of GOD. Pure obedience to MESSIAH is NOT legalism but Holy Spirit Discipleship, as JESUS taught.


If The Words of The SON+ of GOD Rule in our life, and are our daily sustenance , we can expect this sort of accusation.


When we accept and put into practice the value system of The SON pf GOD, and begin to live it out, we can expect a clash with those who serve the value system of the world, for THESE TWO are DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED.  There will be a Backlash against the Disciple from the “father of lies” and his minions.


We must by ALL MEANS walk and Live

in The HOLY SPIRIT to be Victorious.



I know of one sister who came to know The LORD+ in Reality, after years in the “family church.” Her particular denomination NEVER preached the Gospel, or repentance, or the New Birth. But while overseas in Poland, she met the SON+ of GOD in a REAL WAY!  When she came home, she tried to share the New Life with her family. 

“JESUS IS REAL”, she said. “HE+ is ALIVE !”


The reaction was what you might imagine.


Their reaction:  Well, attending “church” was one thing, but talking and acting like this, and saying these offensive things to us and in front of other people is another!!  You must “cease and desist”! You must be in a “cult” of some sort to be acting like this!


Needless to say the sister could not stop speaking what she had, by the Grace of GOD seen and heard. “JESUS is Alive and HE+ is Real.”She tried through years to bear witness to her family and neighbors who had known her before she was transformed by The SON+ of GOD in The New Birth, being generated from ABOVE, as the Greek word states.


This dear sister was eventually disowned and disinherited by her parents for adhering to The SON+ of GOD and HIS+ Words, which were and are Life to her. This is the Disciple’s life and walk. And yet it is a small thing compared to what many of our Brothers and Sisters must pay when coming to know the Truth and Light and Life of the Beloved+ of the FATHER, sent forth into the world from the Bosom of YHWH.


Some must pay the price of being outcasts from families, their nations, and societies, for HIS+ Name’s sake. Along with the Apostle Paul, they have counted all things loss for the sake of their Beloved and Eternal Master, WHOM+ they now love more than their own breath.


JESUS said, “I go to prepare a place for you,

and if I+ go to prepare a place for you,

I+ will come again and

receive you unto MYSELF+

so that where I+ AM

there you may be also.



We are no longer OF  this present world,

even as our LORD+ and SAVIOR+

is not of this world  ( John 17 )



We already breath the rarefied air of that Heavenly Kingdom, which will soon be manifested on the earth in Power and Great Glory.


Our LORD+ says,

” Behold, I+ create a New Heavens and a New Earth, and the former heavens and earth shall not be rememberedor even come into mind.” 

Isaiah 65:17


Let us all remember that our ONE GOAL and PURPOSE is to be Disciples of our LORD JESUS CHRIST / YESHUA+ MESSIAH, to honor and glorify HIM+ in The Strength of The HOLY SPIRIT, to overcome as HE+ overcame ( Rev. 3:21 ), and to be with HIM+ forever.

Peace and Strength to all who love


in sincerity and in Truth


AMEN + + +









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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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