One Of The Bloodiest Days Of The Not World War


As Western leaders most especially Obama say we are not in a world war, and Kerry gathers with other leaders to talk peace and safety, the not World War had one of its bloodiest weekends.

Boko Haram in Nigeria launched what was described as the most heinous attacks to date.  With witnesses describing a 4 hour siege that forced witnesses to listen helpless as children’s cries were heard as they were burned alive!

Suicide bombings in Iraq and Syria that came as Kerry was touting progress and peace killed scores more.

The starving in Syria are still starving and dying as the world leaders are more concerned about a political end than about slaughter, genocide and the starving.

These leaders are calling for amnesty to rebels.  Really?  Come to the table and we will overlook the slaughter in heinous ways?  Really?  At least one in the UN is calling this out, saying no amnesty for WAR CRIMES.
Could it be that for western leaders to admit war crimes are being committed they would have to recognize the NOT World War?!

Then there’s the migrant crises that according to the West is all about saving children and widows.  Yet there are 10,000 children missing in Europe among fears they have been integrated into human trafficking!  They say the numbers are much higher.
Then there is the still capsizing of boats killing children and the weak trying to make it to Europe.  Another incident off the shores of Turkey, this weekend, left images of dead and dying children burned into the minds of witnesses.

Yet you would never know all this to hear the lies coming out of the mouths of leaders talking peace and safety this weekend.
From Buhari in Nigeria to The near East western leaders are claiming they have everything under control.  In fact Buhari said this weekend “Boko Haram is embarrassing his government “.  Really?  He like Obama and Kerry and the others saying the world is safer is the embarrassment.  They say everything is rosy, pay no attention to the blood and heinous slaughter.  Pay no attention to the starving or those fleeing death only to be met by death.

But remember Kerry and Obama have both said ” the world is safer today.”
They are far from God they have no power as God does to speak things into existence.  In fact it’s obvious that ” thinking themselves wise they became fools.”  And Jesus’ words also ring true:  “you follow your father the devil, a liar since the beginning.”
John 3:19
This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil

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8 replies

  1. The one above that says “When they may say, Peace and safety” is from the Bible, Listen and you can find peace in your heart knowing He is near. He will right all wrongs that have done upon the earth.


  2. When they may say, Peace and safety, then sudden destruction comes upon them, as travail upon her that is with child; and they shall in no wise escape.But *ye*, brethren, are not in darkness, that the day should overtake you as a thief:


  3. Liberals always have the opposite meaning when they say something so ignorant are they. When they say the world is safer they are talking about the cocoon of their small world where everyone is nice and no one means us any harm.

    The truth is the world is in more GRAVE danger than you can imagine thanks to the liberal thinking out loud.


  4. Muslims practicing their Religion of Peace by KILLING INNOCENT Women, “CHILDREN” and Men.


  5. This makes one SO angry, to see these liars who call themselves leaders.

    This slaughter is NOT hidden, and yet the “leaders” continue to act as though nothing is happening. If it were us being murdered and tortured, it would be the same …. just “don’t offend the muslims.”

    This plan has been and is being worked out, from 911 to the planned wars in the Middle East to the “refugee” crisis; all this is pre-planned.

    This includes placing a fake president in office to do the dirt he has done and to implement the agenda of the “nest of vipers” that he works for.

    The ultimate target of this “plan” is to destroy the Whole House of Israel, both the natural and the “grafted-in”branches. Others will be caught up in this maelstrom of lies and deception created to bring a hellish “order” out of the hellish chaos that has been engineered by high level satanists, including some past presidents. We are seeing it happen.

    Children of The LORD GOD of Israel, PREPARE YOUR HEARTS TO STAND! May The LORD+ grant us supernatural POWER to OVERCOME, and to see HIM+ destroy this evil beast.



  1. This is the verdict | Suspicious American

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