Violence In The CAR: The Stench Of Death Rising Again

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The violence in the Central African Republic is again on the rise, and the Lords Resistance Army is too.  “The LRA rebels continue to enslave villagers, making them load carriers and sex slaves and they are also burning down villages”(Agenzia Fides)

I reported on the violence in the CAR over 2 years ago. (Read here) Even bringing out the fight for the Doha pipeline.  I tried to make sense of all the chaos and the blame in a report I did for VOP in Jan of 2014:

( Jan. 2014 )John Kerry said:  “Preventing the violence from gaining further momentum and costing more lives will require all of CAR’s leaders, past and present, to be clear in condemning it.”  CAR is an oil rich nation, but the money is not with the populace.  In fact, many are exceedingly poor.  So where is the money?  And why are the tribes causing war’s to gain control of it?  These are questions that need answering.

Another question:  Who is running the military in CAR?  The Military, called ‘FACA’, has a very troubled past at best.  They have a rich history of mutiny, and France intervening to gain control.

anti-balaka charms

Blaming the slaughter on the Seleka and the Anti Balaka, government was able to turn attention away from what was really transpiring,  with the media blaming the Anti Balaka and calling them Christian Militia.  No one at that time questioned why this violence resembled the Lords Resistance Army, and what was behind this violence.  It appeared to subside as the worlds attention was turned to genocides created by Boko Haram, and the Daesh.  The migrant crises in Europe soon took world attention away from Nigeria and Africa.  But not the attention of the evil super highway of terror spreading from the East across Africa.  According to this report the LRA IS active.  Abducting children for soldiers and sex, killing and burning everything in it’s path.  Today it is reported that another suicide bomb by females killed many in Chibok. (Read here) Raising yet another question of where are the Chibok girls.  Have they been spread among rebel groups to do their evil killing?   Amid cries of victory among Buhari and his supporters the stench of death grows again across Africa.  And that doesn’t include the recent entry of Saudi Arabia to Yemen.

Again I have been reporting on this “Stench of death and destruction for 2 years and it is a very real and present danger.

( Read here.)  While the stench of death rises in every part of these regions, the governments are dividing up the spoils. Land, minerals, oil, diamonds and wealth.  And if you enter that door to the East and Africa and get past the stench of death, you see a picture of human rights violations that make the civil rights of the 60’s and the Nazi movement of WWII that makes them pale in comparison.

In Pakistan alone, did you know that most public water wells and fountains specifically only for Muslims? This is not an isolated incident when the Christian woman, (Asia Bibi) was sentenced to death for drinking out of a Muslim well. It is considered that a Christian will defile the water. I have talked to another Christian brother who say’s this is the norm.  Christians are not allowed to drink from public water, they are not allowed to eat in many public places. And they are spat on, beat, mocked and threatened with death for doing the things that we take for granted.

Children are exploited, raped, prostituted and executed. In Libya, I have spoken to a young Christian who is beat regularly, and threatened with death by his own family for his faith in Christ.  He is constantly in fear for his life, quite possibly by the hands of his relatives. Where is the outcry from the Human Rights committees? We can’t hear them…silenced by greed and world leaders.

Today CNN published a report that the sexual abuse of young girls and one boy is again being investigated.  The troops are accused of sexually abusing young girls from a refugee camp.  We have also reported on the dangerous refugee camps all across Africa.  But to abuse the very people you are there to help is unconscionable.  The UN has also made a statement vowing justice. The UN has asked three countries to investigate their soldiers serving in the Minusca mission.  They have not stated which countries but the Gaurdian reports it’s sources say that the soldiers were from Gabon, Egypt and Morocco.  The troops were accused of rape, sexual exploitation and transactional sex with the girls.  The French are also investigating their soldiers.  The head of the UN Minusca mission was fired last year over these allegations, but many are surfacing now.

Refugee camps for displaced persons is not new to abuse, as they are a hot bed for human trafficking, weapons, kidnapping and rape.

There is a LRA commander on trial now for war crimes, but Kony remains at large.  The LRA has infiltrated and melded with other rebel groups or have surfaced under new names such as the anti-balaka but no one questions this.  New governments have emerged, in the CAR and Nigeria declaring all is better.  As in the CAR dis-armament only allows the groups to re-group under new flags and their murderous rampages continue.  It has been a growing super highway of terror from the near east all the way to the coasts of Africa, and it is now complete and the world questions nothing.  Instead paints rosy pictures of regrowth and rebuilding while these murderous attacks continue and the evils grow.  Instead counting those murdered as collateral damage.  As John Kerry called for condemnation of the violence, it has been proven that condemnation is only effective in a politically correct world and allows governments to deceive the populace and lull them into a false sense of security.  And as in Nigeria send them right back into the stench of death claiming all is well.  Buhari: “In 2016, the return of the IDPs will start in earnest.  They will return to their communities to meet destroyed schools and other infrastructures which have to be rebuilt.  And thousands have already started to return, amid reports that many are still on the run and fleeing attacks by Boko Haram.  Boko Haram has not been stopped or contained, they continue their murderous rampages.  But following Western Leaders examples Buhari declares it to be so, so it is.  Even while attacks continue, putting more lives in danger.  They were sent  back to their homes with nothing left, and no food, or way to rebuild, but a promise from a government that is inept.  (Read More)

Nigerians Returning to their homes: Yahoo news

Nigerians Returning to their homes: Yahoo news

When will this destruction stop growing and end?  When World Leaders recognize the WAR we are in, and stop worrying about their power grab, and acknowledge their zeal for power and money.  And put the people and human rights at the top of their list.  It’s time for them to say enough.  But they won’t.  They will allow this cancer to spread, as the New order of things is almost complete.  As they finish what they started in WWll.

Commentary by C. Refsland

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