Shouting From The Rooftops- I will Not Be Silent!


Again I open my social media and find pleas for help.  I open the news to find nothing but suffering and death.  I read this morning that Christian Assyrians seeking refuge in Europe reported a member of ISIS in their midst and officials refused to act.  Saying they had not done anything there.  What??? How about war crimes?! These Christians as they were held captive prayed that they would be shot not beheaded.  Let that sink in while we move to Thailand.


The Thai government steeped in its own darkness is singling out Christians and marking them for aresst.  Their crimes?? They fled certain torture and death in Pakistan only to be greeted by even darker forces, trading one hell for another.  Children are diseased the elderly and weak are dying in detention and the west is silent!  As I beg for agencies to help we hear silence or “we don’t have a mission there”.

The agencies that are helping are overwhelmed.  It is a nightmare, like diving into quicksand.

We must unite as one voice.  Don’t remain silent.  Here is a plea from a brother there, share his message as it is echoed by all there.  If we cry loud enough someone will hear.  God hears their cries.

You have been the Voice of all persecuted and it is appreciated by us all. Our lives have been filled with ups and downs and now our only hope in Bangkok is Sponsorship and I request you that you put out our request to the World to help us get out. Organizations or Individuals who can help should come forward, we are ready to reimburse all expenses once we are settled in any country and are working. Please spread the word and help us.

Spread this word, spread it on social media, at the corner store, in emails, at your church, everywhere!

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  1. Jesus said where two or three are gathered together in His name there He is in the midst of them. We MUST PRAY now more than ever and be united as one to move the mountains in the lives of our brethren! Father we pray for strength and guidance in the life of your people, make a way out for those who are suffering at the hands of evil. We are calling on the saving grace needed to free.those who have been taken captive in Jesus name we pray Amen. Thank You CJ for taking a stand and God Bless every effort for His just cause you are standing for.

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  2. Amen! We as Christians must speak with ONE VOICE on behalf of our mistreated and persecuted Brothers and Sisters.

    The world will have to give an account for how they have treated ” The least of these MY+ Brethren.”

    Enough of more new buildings and facilities! Let the resources of the Christian world go to helping our TRUE FAMILY that is hated for our LORD’S+ sake. Let us look squarely at what is happening on the face of the earth, and “GET REAL”. The time for “playing church”is OVER.

    We are only a short time away from an open POGROM in this land! Let us work while it is day. The hight is coming when no one can work. Having done all let us stand.

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  1. Shouting From The Rooftops- I will Not Be Silent! | State of Globe

Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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