Watchman’s Warning: Terrorism, Know The Defining Terms Used By World Leaders In The Name Of Peace


The dictionary defines terrorism as:
“The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.”

A terrorist than is anyone who uses violence to further a political aim.  One definition expands and says to force submission to a political aim. So we can safely say that many countries follow a rule of terrorism.  The very countries that say they are fighting terrorism are themselves following it.

Look at Pakistan.  A country that claims its fighting against this, and yet allows violence against Christians to coerce them into a different religious belief.  Even prosecuting them and issuing death penalties for speaking about Jesus, calling it blasphemy.  Even saying that Christians are unclean.  Churches are burned, bombed and attacked.  Christians are burned alive, Raped, beaten and threatened.
Saudi Arabia and Iran are just as bad.  Both executing anyone who dares to publicly disagree with the government.
Many countries could be added to this list even China, who used violence against its own.  Remember Tieneman Square?  Then there’s North Korea and Thailand.
North Korea’s leader executed in vicious ways members of his own family for disagreeing with him.  Thailand used violence against their own also.  Remember the Red Shirts?
All of the above fit the definition of terrorism.  And there are most likely many more like Rwanda and Others in Africa like Darfur.

And yet the world is silent about these.  Even claiming many of them to be partners in world peace.  Their definition of Peace is twisted.
World Peace becomes an illusive dream.  A way for evil to rear its ugly head.  Forcing all to submit to evil governors out of fear and hoping for the unattainable, illusive Peace.
God, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, the Son of God Jesus is the giver of Peace.  Not mankind.  If you are looking to governments and men to bring peace, you have taken the mark of the beast.  For it is man’s number.
In man’s zeal for the illusion of Peace, they are attempting to bring about a world without religion or to unite all religions and God’s of the world into one, to raise above God.  Sound familiar?  It should it was already tried once in Babel.
There is a great deception taking place and it is and will continue to fool even the elect if possible.  Just as the Son of God warned.

So as terroristic countries wage war for control in the name of Peace know that prophecy is being fulfilled.  Get to know the players, those who scream peace and safety and are vying for a seat at the head of the New World.  They are a mix of people just as Daniel prophecies, a mixture like iron mixes with clay.  Only partly strong that gives an illusion of power.  They will not mix.  Peace will not be achieved only the abomination of destruction will thrive.

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1 reply

  1. Yes! We are seeing this happen right in front of our eyes! We see the world’s leaders betraying their own citizens for the sake of this global plan.

    Our own “leader” in this land, the U.S., can easily agree with Iran, because their goals are the same. He is in agreement with hamas, hezbollah, and Daesh, because their goals are the same!

    The mass of humanity is only useful to these people, to serve the “system” and provide for its progress, like “worker bees.” ” Useless eaters” they have been called by one well-known “peace” prize winner.

    We are seeing the Beast forming rapidly. May The LORD our GOD show us how to fight and to OVERCOME the servants of satan who hope to murder a huge number of the Adamic race, and bring the rest into subjection to the “father of lies.”

    Heavenly FATHER, strengthen us with The Fire of Your Blessed HOLY SPIRIT, and help us to overcome as your Beloved SON+ overcame, and to be with YOU forever.

    Cursed be the “new secular order.” May The LORD GOD of Israel pour HIS Heavenly Fire upon it! AMEN!


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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