The Left Is In Full Spin Mode: ‘It Has Nothing To Do With Being Muslim’


The liberal left led by Democrats are actually caught in a propaganda initiative.  When a Muslim man attempted to assassinate a police officer, the police chief announced that the man confessed he did this in the name of Islam as police don’t govern according to the Koran(sharia law).  Oh my he wasn’t suppose to tell the truth!

The mayor immediately countered that with a press conference of his own, with the chief present even adamantly stating that no one in this room believes the horrific assassination attempt had anything to do with being a Muslim.  Really???  What????

Sounds like Obama handed him his hat if he didn’t throw a spin.  And of course CAIR also responded but not to condemn the incident !  They quickly said the man was not a practicing Muslim.  Again spin!
Until leaders admit what and who Islam is its only going to get worse.
Until the world recognizes that Islam is not a religion, but an oppressive form of government capable of more atrocities than Gaddafi and Saddam combined, more death and destruction will be wreaked upon the earth.
Sharia law can not be mixed with democracy.  It’s like mixing baking soda and vinegar.  And regardless of the cries from the left Islam is built on this oppression.
So telling the truth will be labeled by the politically correct police (liberal left) as Islamaphobic, but silence in the face of evil is evil itself.


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  1. What a stream of lies pouring forth from this government !

    How can anyone believe that islam is a religion of peace when its history from its inception has been nothing but blood-shed and murdering ?

    Read the HISTORY BOOKS ! Read the quran. Nothing has changed since it was formed in the 7th century.

    The truth is that allah is NOT a god but a demon and mohammed is its lying, murdering messenger. Look at the facts.

    The TRUTH IS that we are hearing reports of THOUSANDS of muslims FORSAKING islam and fleeing into the shelter of our LORD JESUS CHRIST for Light and Life.

    QUESTION: How do you know when this government is lying?
    ANSWER: When its lips are moving.

    Move yourself close The LORD; HE+ is real, and HE+ is mighty to save. There is NO other GOD than The LORD GOD of Israel, and HIS Beloved Eternal SON+ is HIS Messenger. The invitation to repent and turn is open to ALL who will choose Life.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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