Watchmans Warning The World Is Planning For Our Downfall Saying “After America “


This is the headline I woke up to this morning:  “After America.”
This is a wake up call for Americans.  For those who refused to see what one man has done, for those who refuse to believe what the watchmen have been warning about.  For those who believe the lies and propaganda that have flowed from the White House.  When Americans believe that what our leader said about America’s growth and popularity and that the world was a safer place since he took office this is a wake up call.

A leading Pakistani news agency dares to say “After America”, and cites a few of the reasons why we were ONCE great but now insignificant.

One man has singlehandedly destroyed a Nation and has set the world on fire.  From apologizing to the Muslim world to creating the Arab spring and toppling leaders, to the immoral laws he has put in place here, he has wreaked havoc across the globe.  He has placed leaders such as Buhari in Nigeria, Muslim brotherhood in Egypt, and even given the brotherhood voices in our government.  He has thumbed noses at allies such as Israel, and sought his own agenda starting wars across Africa and the Middle East for plunder and gain, with a clear lack of concern for the innocent.  He has signed backroom deals with those who wish to destroy us and our allies, causing so much confusion America was put into a deep slumber.  For a man who started out with peace he has done everything but create peace.


He has forced and shamed Christians in this country into silence and even approval.  He has helped with creating a mass influx of the mixing of peoples and religions causing great strife and chaos across Europe.

It’s time to wake up America.  It’s time to pray for God’s Mercy.  It’s time to open eyes wide and see the storm that is here. Time is running out.

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  1. In this world it’s easy to lie, difficult to speak the Truth. This leader is one hand of judgment upon our country by the Lord. With the other hand He is working repentance and a type of final revival. Let us who know the Lord takes His hand of mercy and do our part in this final harvest.


  2. ‘One man has singlehandedly destroyed a Nation and has set the world on fire.’


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  4. Come what may, this person? “will” give an account on “bended knees” before the Lord for all “chaos” and “abominations” he has created or contributed to!! But, even more, I fear the judgements the will come upon the Church for having fallen asleep! In the strength of Jesus Christ we must stand for the judgements about to come upon the this land. Let us not think this we can not do; but instead in HIS strength we can. Guided by His Holy Spirit and Word in hand, we shall spread the Gospel of Christ from sea to sea and from land to sand. So boast in Christ and be bold, giving praise and glory to Father God in whom we must take hold!!! In Jesus name. Amen.


  5. Thank You CJ for sounding the trumpet to wake America up!!!!!! Prayer and repentance is in order! I was appalled to hear also the President thought the world is a safer place since he’s been in office……..WHAT PLANET is this guy from to see the hundreds of people being slaughtered and be taking no recourse!!!!!!! God Bless you for getting the word out of this false Christian.



  1. Watchmans Warning The World Is Planning For Our Downfall Saying “After America “ | State of Globe

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