Assimilate, Integrate, Or Cause Havoc, Rape, Robbery,And Chaos??

The world is shocked by sexual assaults in 5 major German cities on New Years Eve.  Really?  In each city Arab descent men gathered in groups of hundreds, some reports say a thousand men.  They threw fireworks into a crowd in one instance.  One report say’s that a nightclub bouncer warned a girl not to go down a certain road and she went anyway and her and her friends were separated and assaulted sexually.  This is not new.  Egypt suffered the same fate during the protests at Taweir square and other cities.  Refugee camps across Africa and the middle east are nothing but hot beds for sexual assault, human trafficking (selling girls to rebels for sex slaves), and weapons traffic.

You can not bring a million people from a different culture into modern society without these re-percussions.  You can’t bring in those who do not respect life, liberty or freedom.  You can’t bring in those who don’t respect women.  Modern society refuses to take the womens rights back to the dark ages, but there are those who live in the dark ages today.  Where are the womens groups today?  Where is their outcry?  Why are they silent??  Quick to demand abortion & birth control in the west, but silent while women are forced into hiding in their own towns??  Western nations are not prepared for this ideology, or how to deal with it.  Especially when they are in denial of the beliefs of such.  What makes this worse is the ignoring of the plight of women, and Christians in the countries these migrants fled.

Photo Of Angela Merkel: “2015-12-14 Angela Merkel CDU Parteitag by Olaf Kosinsky -22” by Olaf Kosinsky – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 de via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. A woman in the middle east is seen as physical pleasure toy and to be owned (until the man grows tired of the woman) and if she is even suspected of being immoral in any way she is stoned or beheaded. In America women are seen as objects; especially among Saudi men and when one homes in a woman he is fascinated with he considers her as his (to point of having his friends “watch over her” so no one else messes with her). The war is here and now on American soil and people seriously need to wake up. I know the Body of Christ has different view points on the “right to bare arms” but if comes to reality and you have to defend your family ask yourself this: What will I do if I’m in a situation and I have to defend my family?” I only bring this up because if this were the situation in someone’s family it a “serious matter” each Christian needs to settle in his or her mind now while you still have time. Terrorists are currently seeking out soft targets, boating up and down our waters ways surveying our nuclear plants, sketching and taking notes of our border patrol points….list goes on and on. Just about 4 months ago there was an incident at a “soccer game” where two men of Arab descent opened fire with a pellet gun on the game and innocent bystanders. Eventually they were caught “then” released on $25,000 bond. To date nothing else has updated about this act of violence. Where all the main stream media when this happened or when the school year 2015-2016 began with bomb threats??( Let us as the Body of Christ be in agreement to pray for discernment of the Lord’s Will of what He would have us to do to serve Him here and now. Prayer for protection of the Body of Christ, being filled with the Holy Spirit in sharing the Gospel. Times are trying it will get harder; but, we must go forth in His strength and direction and not walk in fear. I know we all get tired and frustrated; this is when we plow in shoulders to the stone and covering each other in prayer, being in the Word and seeking the Lord in all things! Onward Christian Soldiers…..In Jesus name. Amen


  2. We have been reading horrific reports about this epidemic of brutal sexual assaults from large groups of demonized muslim men.

    The quran teaches that this is acceptable practice among non muslim women, and “allah” approves of it! ( I’m sure “it” does. )

    We have a friend whose daughter wants to go and help the :refugees in Greece. We had to warn them seriously about what is REALLY going on there and in Europe. Ni female is safe, even female children. The men and boys are not really safe either from the demonic actions of islam.

    Thank you for making all aware of the engineered chaos and the diabolical plan being worked out against the innocent.

    The Western governments are accomplices in this nightmare of evil.


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