My Two Cents: The Beast Has Been Rising For Decades

As I watch events unfold in the Middle East and even Africa, it’s very confusing and yet at times clear as rain.  Events unfolding with Saudi Arabia and Iran are bringing a certain clarity to the war raging there.  Even with Turkey.  This Arab awakening is not new to the region.  It started in the 70’s.  It actually started with the formation of OPEC, and the Iranian revolution.  As I research the facts I found many that I had forgotten or didn’t know.  For instance while reading an article about a quote from the Ayatollah of Iran threatening the US if we interferred in elections to replace him when he died, his quote cited the revolutions mandate.  Well I wondered what that meant so I took another look at the revolution to find it’s mandate.  The constitution initiated upon this revolution reads like a communist manifesto. And if you mix sharia law and Islam you get a doctrine from the depths of darkness.


The constitution brought about by the revolution, declared that Shia religious beliefs would control every aspect of life in Iran. And  this fact  caught my eye.

The revolution was unusual for the surprise it created throughout the world: it lacked many of the customary causes of revolution (defeat at war, a financial crisis, peasant rebellion, or disgruntled military),occurred in a nation that was enjoying relatively good material wealth and prosperity, produced profound change at great speed,was massively popular, resulted in the exile of many Iranians,and replaced a pro-Western semi-absolute monarchy with an anti-Western authoritarian theocracy based on the concept of Guardianship of the Islamic Jurists (or velayat-e faqih). It was a relatively non-violent revolution, and helped to redefine the meaning and practice of modern revolutions (although there was violence in its aftermath).

Its outcome – an Islamic Republic “under the guidance of a religious scholar from Qom” – was, as one scholar put it, “clearly an occurrence that had to be explained”.

Than there was this quote from a Yahoo news article and it rings very true:

The implications of the Saudi-Iranian rift extend far beyond their immediate rivalry as competing regional powerhouses and encompass almost all of the wars raging in the Middle East. The current crisis could further complicate efforts to resolve the Syrian war and could strengthen, by default, the Islamic State.

This conflict was created to push the divide between shia and sunni Islam into one, but instead it has created a great divide, and pushed shia end times theology into the forefront.  It also explains why Russia and China have backed Iran.  The breaking of OPEC.  OIL, has been behind this all along.  You see when OPEC was formed it was said this was a gift from Allah to forward the Islamic call.

Along with the Yom Kippur War came the Arab oil embargo where the (Muslim) Persian Gulf oil-producing states’ dramatic decision to cut back on production and quadruple the price of oil, made the terms oil, Arabs and Islam synonymous – with power – in the world, and especially in the Muslim world’s public imagination.  Many Muslims believe as Saudi Prince Saud al Faisal did that the hundreds of billions of dollars in wealth obtained from the Persian Gulf’s huge oil deposits were nothing less than a gift from God to the Islamic faithful.

Starting in the mid-1970s the Islamic resurgence was funded by an abundance of money from Saudi Arabian oil exports. The tens of billions of dollars in “petro-Islam” largesse obtained from the recently heightened price of oil funded an estimated “90% of the expenses of the entire faith.”

Throughout the Muslim world, religious institutions for people both young and old, from children’s maddrassas to high-level scholarships received Saudi funding,”books, scholarships, fellowships, and mosques” (for example, “more than 1500 mosques were built and paid for with money obtained from public Saudi funds over the last 50 years”), along with training in the Kingdom for the preachers and teachers who went on to teach and work at these universities, schools, mosques, etc.

The funding was also used to reward journalists and academics who followed the Saudis’ strict interpretation of Islam; and satellite campuses were built around Egypt for Al Azhar, the world’s oldest and most influential Islamic university.

The interpretation of Islam promoted by this funding was the strict, conservative Saudi-based Wahhabism or Salafism. In its harshest form it preached that Muslims should not only “always oppose” infidels “in every way,” but “hate them for their religion … for Allah’s sake,” that democracy “is responsible for all the horrible wars of the 20th century,” that Shia and other non-Wahhabi Muslims were infidels, etc. While this effort has by no means converted all, or even most Muslims to the Wahhabist interpretation of Islam, it has done much to overwhelm more moderate local interpretations, and has set the Saudi-interpretation of Islam as the “gold standard” of religion in minds of some or many Muslims.

Saudi Arabia has has built 80% of the Mosques in the US, and has spent millions in converting Americans to Islam,  in the US alone.  (Read more)

So can you begin to see why this is not only a regional conflict but a world wide conflict?  Can you see the beast that has been unleashed by world powers?  Can you see that by unleashing this beast they not only don’t understand it, but they will never control this beast.  It will result in the war of all wars.  Remember NOTHING is as it seems.  When the media is pushing agenda’s without knowing the facts, we find ourselves as sheep being led to slaughter.  Just as in WWll.  Peace?  Safety?  The world will never know peace and safety again, under mans rule.  Time is running out.

One thing I want to add, and it’s actually a by-product of the above and that is the mixing of Christianity and Islam.  I have seen more and more of this and it’s birth is coming increasingly into focus.  And it’s harder to discern especially when you have Christians who say no matter what religion you believe in, you can’t come close to God without Jesus for he is what brings us to God.  This statement is true, but there is only one God, and one Savior.  The afformentioned statement taken from a Christians facebook post, say’s nothing about Jesus’ deity and hints that you can mix religious beliefs as long as you believe in Jesus.  This is false doctrine.  And a veiled form of Chrislam.  Be very careful what or who you listen to.  That’s my two cents.

Credit to Yahoo news and Wikipedia

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  1. The LIE is GROWING! It is being helped along by the treacherous governments of the West, that are being coerced and controlled by those the Prophetic Scriptures call the “10 kings”. They have no kingdom YET, but hope to have a Global kingdom for one short hour with “the Beast”.

    These will go to ANY LENGTH to establish “the new secular order of the ages.” It has indeed been the goal of these servants of satan for centuries.

    The Whole House of Israel must LEARN to STAND in CHRIST / MESSIAH and OBEY HIS+ Voice to the place that The POWER of YHWH descends upon them as The Body of MESSIAH, and The Weapons of The Eternal GOD of Israel will be at work in them. The Dark Kingdom will not know what to do to these obedient Servants of MESSIAH except to attempt to destroy them. That is ALL the can do. In their attempt to do this THEY THEMSELVES will be destroyed.


    The TRUE POWER is with and in The Israel of YHWH, If they will LEARN OBEDIENCE.

    Bless you for your good two cents! The Peace of The LORD+ be with you Sister.


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