The Greatest Lie Ever Told: Arab Spring Will Bring Freedom & Democracy


One of the greatest deceptions in modern times will go down in History not as successful or a change that made the world safer, but one that tore a hole in the Middle East and Africa that can never be repaired.  As leaders are toppled and assassinated the world still doesn’t grasp what is transpiring.  Is this prophecied??  Is it in the Bible??

As one journalist records,  the war in Iraq, the removal of  dictators like Saddam Hussein, Gadaffi, Mubarak would give their people freedom, safety, and democracy.  But just the opposite has happened.  Journalists are unable to travel freely as they are a target for kidnapping, ransom and death.  And Africa is largely ignored.  Read more. 

The Democrats circled the wagons and held hands to keep repeating the lie.

Even when our own Ambassador to Libya was assassinated they lied.  Covering up, with even Clinton asking “what difference does it make”.  Covering up is the least of what they did.  Remember when while watching from the White House she screamed with delight as Gadaffi was drug through the streets of Libya saying “we came, we saw he died.”  And this show’s America’s values are higher???  She brings out the fact that Egypt will be at peace with Israel.  Really?  They removed a leader, replaced him with the Muslim Brotherhood whose goal is to annihilate Israel and this was peace?  And then she said we would make sure Iran wouldn’t get a nuclear weapon!  Really?  They just secured a deal that would allow them to have a nuclear weapon, the deal emboldened them to the point where they tested their new missiles over the heads of our war ships in the strait of Hormuz.

I think we can all agree that recent history sums up the Obama Presidency and what his legacy will be.  “The Greatest deceiver.”

The media has stopped using the term “Arab Spring” or “Arab Awakening.”  As events unfolded and the dust settled it was blatantly clear from Libya to the East what had transpired.  Slicing and dicing and carving new swaths of power and greed, the entire area was set on fire.  And prophecy continues to unfold here.  While researching some of this, the thought came to my mind, not only about the beast they were creating, but what this Arab Spring has really done.

Revelation 16:12

The sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river, the Euphrates; and its water was dried up, so that the way would be prepared for the kings from the east.

They in effect have dried up the river Euphrates to make way for the Kings of the East.  The Bible refers to people as “waters” many times.  They have caused a mass exodus from the area around the Euphrates like a river that has overflowed it’s banks.  They are exiting in the millions.  And just as many lie dead.  We know that reporting is scarce in these regions, if the world knew the exact numbers of displaced and dead we would be in shock.  So it begs the question is the population of the Euphrates River basin drying up?  Yes, we read report after report of the millions who are fleeing, the ethnic cleansing that is happening.  The genocide of the minorities like the Yazidi’s and the Christians.  In fact many are reporting that there will soon be no Christians left in Iraq.  Christians in Syria are few and are hanging on by a thread of faith.  And world leaders ignore them.  This war in the Euphrates River basin was created to do just as it appears.  To cleanse the area and dry up the people, so to speak to make it easier for the new Kings to take control.  This is not conspiracy, look at all the facts, look at history of recent events, even the Daesh.  And even as appalled as I am, I have to concede that we had a hand in creating the Daesh.

Nothing is as it seems. And time is running out.

Nothing is as it seems. And time is running out.


God have mercy on us.  May God protect His people, those who are watching, those who speak the truth, and those who are asleep, as much of the Western body of Christ is today.    May God open their eyes.

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4 replies

  1. Oh, your officials are DAMNED liars. You ought to know that. How do you think they get elected over and over??


  2. We must stay VERY close to our LORD+ in these days, The “power base of the 10 kings” is up and running, but The LORD+ knows every move they are making and planning to make.

    Let us ALL be Strong in The LORD+ and in the Power of HIS+ Might in this final battle. Those who know their LORD+ shall be strong and work HIS+ works.



  1. The Greatest Lie Ever Told: Arab Spring Will Bring Freedom & Democracy | State of Globe

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