Migrant Crises- A Changing World But Is It Positive Change? Or Change For New World Order?


The BBC is reporting that over 1 million have migrated to Europe.

Germany says it has received more than a million refugees and migrants, the largest number of any European country, but this includes a large number from the Balkan states who are not counted in the sea arrivals.


A crises that left roughly the population of Texas fleeing for their lives.  And that doesn’t include Africa where they flee Boko Haram or Al-shabob.  It doesn’t include Pakistan where they fled persecution.  The numbers are more likely close to 3 million!

And the UNHCR is flopping in the water like a dead fish.  Shaming others into taking blame and responsibility.  Refugee camps left in countries of origin are left with little food and rife with abuse and persecution.  At times by the hands of those who help.  Two such reports surfaced in 2015 of forces with the UN raping children.  I have reported on this many times.  The superhighway of terror using innocent refugees as cover for arms shipments and human trafficking.  We predicted at the beginning of 2015 that Libya would explode and explode it has.  Daesh executed Christians and sent a ” message to the people of the cross “. Libya is a hot bed and will only worsen.  Syria has become a ball of mass confusion and terror.  One confusing report even said the UN was to bus rebels to safety!  Really how about busing Christians to safety???

Instead of rendering aid and safety to those suffering from war and persecution they turned a blind eye.  From Syria to Africa a crises not seen by the world since WWll was created and used for plunder and political gain.
All this while America suffers division and hate to keep Americans distracted.
All this while the western church as a whole remains silent about governments refusal to help Christians come here.

Innocents used as pawns in a war that can’t be won.  Innocents used in war for plunder and gain.  Innocents used in a war causing religious divide.  Everywhere you look chaos is deepening.  Everywhere you look across 1/2 of the world innocents are suffering and have become collateral damage.
The new world order is almost complete.  What will 2016 bring?  A question with dire answers I’m afraid.  Until the people recognize this crises was created by the west and the UN it will only get darker.  I think some western leaders are beginning to see what has happened but will they act or go along?  Time will tell but time is running out.  The world Europeans knew will never be the same.

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2 replies

  1. Very good summary of global events.

    I am getting reports that the U.S. is evacuating the Daesh whenever they are cornered or pinned down, getting them to safety. I have heard this is happening in Iraq and in Syria. Now the U.N. is also doing this! It is becoming obvious who the Daesh are fighting for, and who is behind this :”monster”.

    I have heard one report that China is sending elite troops into Syria and the middle east, since one of their citizens was murdered by Daesh..

    It seems that the nations are being gathered for the final battle. Let us continue to watch and pray without ceasing.

    Thank you again for this report.


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