Liberal Media Rallies Around Obama’s Christian Faith


It’s another one of those reports that leave you shaking your head.  And it will be so touching to many I’m sure.  To those hypnotized by lies and charm.

The Washington Post has done a tribute to Obama’s Christian faith citing that he has spoken of it more than any other President.

Of course they cite his books where he spoke of his conversion in a church where the minister screams from the pulpit for God to damn America, and preaches racial division, but according to WP, he is devastated that he won’t see his vision of uniting America.  Really? America WAS united before he came to power.  America was a Christian nation before he came to power.  But let’s look at some facts and you will see how untrue this article is.

1.  He, on more than one occasion has mocked God and the Bible even calling Jesus’ sermon on the Mount radical.
2.  He has apologized for America and publicly stated we are not a Christian nation.
3.  He says Evangelical Christians cling to their Bible and guns and must be stopped.
4.  The WP points out that he talked about his faith in both of his books.  But fails to mention his Muslim upbringing and schooling in Indonesia.  It fails to mention the quote that hinted should political winds change he would side with Islam.  This he has proved over and over.
5.  He completely turned our morals upside down pushing a homosexual agenda even overturning our marriage laws.
6.  He blesses and supports an organization that has killed millions of babies and sold their bodies.
7.  He continuously blames Christianity for their own persecution.  He ignores Christian genocide.

These are just a few proven facts of his presidency.  He has singlehandedly divided the world and America with chaos,confusion, and hatred with his failed foreign and domestic policies.  Or is it a success?  Is this what he intended to do all along?  I think yes.

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2 replies

  1. “Liars, Liars, collective pants on fire!” But not as much as it will be soon.

    The DANGER of Believing a LIE is obvious here. It is said that the Truth hurts. That is also a lie. What hurts is being DECEIVED in the first place … and then finding out that one has believed a lie.

    What Mr. President actually “believes” and worships is plain to see to all who will look. He is a “mouthpiece” for a VERY evil system. He is being very well paid to be the “front man” and to receive all the hatred and vitriol as he carries out the desires of that powerful group, putting forth their plans and policies, as though they were his own.

    At this point the majority of Americans are not interested in TRUTH+, but only in getting their own way.

    JESUS plainly said, ” I+ AM the Way, the TRUTH+, and the LIFE; no man comes to The FATHER except through ME+.”

    JESUS also told us that the TRUTH+ would set us free … not the constitution, not the courts, not the civil laws, and not the Statue of Liberty!

    No matter how one stacks this, JUDGEMENT is under way for the U.S.A., which has blasphemed and challenged The LORD GOD by its blatant and un-repented of evils and has raised its fist in HIS+ Face and dared HIM+ to do something.

    Let’s watch and see WHO BACKS DOWN! This could get interesting!

    In this age, we are SWIMMING in a SEA of LIES.


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