The GOAL of the ” 10 kings “




The “10 Kings” have ONE goal and ONE mind:

 to destroy the Body of CHRIST

across the earth. 


The Body of CHRIST / MESSIAH is the only thing that has the Power to hinder the “10 Kings” and to hinder the EVIL entities that they worship and serve.


The “10 Kings” serve and take their orders from the “Fallen – Watchers” who are making a LAST ATTEMPT to destroy all Truth+… because they know that their time is short. Human life means NOTHING to the “10 Kings” and the Malevolent beings they serve and obey.


The prayers and Obedience of the smallest follower of JESUS / YESHUA+ The MESSIAH can frustrate the workings of multitudes of these Dark beings and send terror among them. The serious prayers of even a child who trusts and follows JESUS can shatter the dark and wicked spirits.


The Push is great at this time among the servants of Evil to bring about things that will make it easier to murder the Body of CHRIST, both inside the U.S. and across the earth


No event is too bad to these people to get everything in line to allow them to DESTROY The Body of CHRIST.


They will murder others too, but the goal is to kill Christians … the ONLY ones who have real power against them. This power is SPIRITUAL, not carnal or pertaining to the flesh.


War with the LAMB

This is why the “10 Kings” have  created, funded and paid the islamic jihadists, who follow the demon-inspired quran to the letter, to be the instrument to destroy Christians.  The “10 Kings” can hide behind the islamic “religious” murders, while they, the jihadist,  do the dirty work for  them.



The true leader of the Daesh sits in the “city of baal” and is quite happy with the killing of Christians. His backers and supporters are telling him what to say and do as they receive their orders from the Fallen Watchers / the Rebel angels, and their “leader”  satan.



America at the present time is being run by CRIMINALS, who are in complete submission to satan.  They are setting things up to destroy the ECCLESIA.  They will FAIL!


The true church not only WILL BE ABLE TO STAND, but it will flourish… as it always does during persecution. The organizations and the structures — and the divisions — may fall away, but the TRUE, CALLED-OUT ONES, the ECCLESIA of CHRIST JESUS will stand, be strong, and do exploits, the Prophet Daniel tells us. 


It will NOT be a massacre as they hope for, but it will be a WAR.  Spiritual weapons will come into play that have not been seen in action before.



 The WORD+ of YHWH




The time has come to forsake the ways of the world and to give ourselves to Prayer and Fasting.


Turn AWAY from the world and its ways,

once and for all.

We must, in the Power of the Blessed HOLY SPIRIT, The RUACH ha KODOSH, direct  united prayers of FIRE upon the heads of the “10 Kings” and their slaves and  which will send TERROR among the unclean beings that they serve. 


We must ask for DISCERNMENT as to how to pray and direct the weapons of Anointed Prayer and of HOLY FIRE against the forces of evil. 


Remember, the FERVENT PRAYERS of a Righteous man AVAIL MUCH!


 We are Anointed with The BLOOD of the PASSOVER LAMB+ and with the Blessed Eternal HOLY SPIRIT.


We can PRAY as our LORD+ Prayed.


HE+ is at The Right Hand of HIS+ FATHER.


Uncountable ARMIES of Angelic HOLY WARRIORS move at HIS+ Command!

HE+ will hear our PRAYERS as we move in Holiness and in Obedience to HIS+ WORDS.

This IS a LIFE and DEATH situation.


Let us join our hearts together as the Followers of MESSIAH and pray against the evil and the Criminals that are plotting Genocide in the “backrooms  and halls of death” in the “city of baal.”




Let us HOLD FAST and Occupy until that day.


YHWH is A MAN+ of War!

( see Exodus! )

AMEN + + + 

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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