A President Addressed A Nation-Nothing New Under The Sun


I watched the address by our President tonight.  And again I am left with mouth agape and shaking my head.  Those awake know that he said nothing new, nothing new about Daesh who he calls ISIL.  He refuses to acknowledge their self declared Islamic state in Syria.  He refused to acknowledge the Christian Genocide that has taken place instead mocking those who want or are demanding that Christians be rescued.

When I took my writing class in college, I learned that the opening line and the closing line would be what people would remember.  Well, his speech writers knew that lesson.  And they knew full well that people would remember that even though he used the words terrorist attack, he said “This was a shooting by a co-worker.”  Still refusing to acknowledge the war that has been declared.  Still downplaying the news from the FBI, that these people had ties to Daesh, and radical elements.  Still refusing to acknowledge the firestorm he has caused in the middle east with his outrageous failed foreign policies.  His ending of the war in Iraq turned out very well didn’t it.  His great announcement tonight did not reveal ANY strategy to fight this evil band of demons.  Pointing out that Muslim Americans are good Americans.  Yes, most are, and they deserve to worship whatever God they deem righteous.  But as other Christian bloggers and authors are pointing out, Christians are not killing those who don’t believe as they do.

The last thing he said was we must hold to our traditions.  Traditions of trading the Bible for a doctrine of demons, and pushing God farther and farther away.  His disdain for Christians and those who follow God’s word is ever clear.  And of course he said  “God bless you and God bless America.”  Again, I wonder what God he is following, because he is not following the God of the Bible.

I have but one thing to say to those Christians awake.  Turn your eyes toward Heaven our redemption draws near.  Draw near to God, and not men.

And remember as things get worse:

Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil! (Psalm 23)

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5 replies

  1. Our President sad to say is doing as scripture claims that will speak PEACE PEACE where there is no peace! His coming on TV to tell the people there are things in place to counteract the violence proves the outright lies he’s so famous for! is America really that pacified by the fake comfort this man speaks unfortunately it seems so. Dear Father in heaven may you protect and give comfort to your children who are called by your name, and shelter them in this storm that has covered our land in Jesus name Amen.


  2. How can ANYONE believe ANYTHING this man says? He is into the “protect the muslims at any cost”.

    The San Bernardino massacre was OBVIOUSLY an Islamic jihadist hit. We know what the quran says. WE know how islam is taught to deal with those who challenge it and its demonic founder. Just what happened in San Bernardino!

    Soon it will become here as it is now in Germany. Germany has told its people to remove ALL CROSSES from its church buildings and anywhere else there may be crosses! WHY? because it will OFFEND the muslims! So in the interest of “peace” we must stop preaching the Gospel or bearing open witness to The SON of GOD! WHY? Because it will offend the muslims.

    The crimes against the American people are obvious. There is NO protection for them from this ridiculous excuse for a government. This has been in the works for a long time. We are now seeing the fruits of “the plan” unfold before our eyes.

    How can this lying serpent still be in office? He is being kept there by a group of very powerful people who want their AGENDA implemented.
    Also, America as a whole has “shrugged its shoulders” at the LORD GOD and HIS Beloved SON+. Therefore The LORD GOD is now SHRUGGING HIS SHOULDERS at America. Therefore America now has this perverted monster ruling over it.

    America does not care much for the SON of GOD and The GOSPEL. Try Mr. B.O. and his murdering Islamic lie. Maybe you will like that better.

    For the people of GOD, the followers of YESHUA, draw near to ME+ says the LORD+ and I+ will draw near to you. Touch not the unclean thing and I+ will receive you. Watch and Pray. Peace+ to the Called – Out ones.


    • A brief correction: It is in Norway that Crosses have been ordered to be removed! My apologies to Germany, which is having serious problems of its own to deal with just now at the grass roots level. .


  3. The “father of lies” uses his puppets to try to cover our nation with a dark cloud. But the Spirit of the Lord shines too brightly in His children, like yourself. Like those Americans who know the Scriptures and fellowship with our Lord. Our hope will never disappoint us because “God has poured out His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit!”


  4. He forgot to mention that for the first time in 30+ yrs there will be NO Christmas at the WH. A believer in Jesus Christ he is not!
    May God have Mercy on us all 🙏🏻


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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