Under Buhari’s Watch Nigeria’s Hope & Change Turns To Tears-Fear-Chaos & Darkness

pray for nigeria

The world is focused on the overwhelming migrant crisis created by the U.N. by funding cuts, as Western nations are now pressured to take them in. But Gulf countries including Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain have offered zero resettlement places denying refugees access.  In September, Amnesty International reported other high income countries including Russia, Japan, Singapore and South Korea have also offered zero resettlement places. More than 4 million refugees from Syria (95%) are in just five countries Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt. Now the West is expect to absorb the rest.

Recently it was reported that Nigeria has the largest number of IDP’s, Internally Displaced People (refugees). It was also reported that Boko Haram was contained. Similarly, a day before the terror attacks in Paris, we in the West were told in a video interview that ISIS had been contained when President Barack Obama downplayed the threat of the terror group to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. Many remember watching the U.S. troops pull out of Iraq imagining the outcome with a realization that world war was possibly on the horizon… our nation has not seen the hope and change many Americans had expected from the current President.

News publications from Nigeria such as Vanguard asks, “Does Buhari have a concience?”  Many question why one of the new President’s first missions was to remove military checkpoints.  A recent battle with Boko Haram took place that killed 107 soldiers yet the media has mainly covered it up.  In this attack they drove off with a T-72 tank and new uniforms.   Nigerians don’t even know where the bodies are.  Their bodies are said to be buried in the wilderness, without honor.  This has some Nigerians enraged, as it should. Today it’s reported that Boko Haram attacked yet another military base and those defending it ran, only a handful remained to fight.   Buhari is accused of not buying “even one bullet” for the military though they’re fighting a war. But as the West downplays the growth of evil, Nigeria’s Buhari is covering up too.

According to one report, Buhari was elected to be the spokesperson for Boko Haram during negotiations a couple of years ago. He appointed a National Security Advisor who called for release of Boko Haram terrorists. They raise the point that not only are the Boko Haram listed by terror watchdogs as one of the most deadly in the world, the Fulani Herdsmen has been listed as the 4th most dangerous.  Yet there is silence and inaction from Nigeria’s leadership. (Read here)

Chad’s government has recently prolonged their state of emergency due to Boko Haram’s murderous attacks spilling into their country.

In a post about the elections of Nigeria, I reported this: With Nigerian news media reporting on election results in some places in Nigeria, and others protesting irregularities.  I have to reflect again, what lies ahead for Nigerians, darkness or light?  I have poured over numerous reports, listened to commentaries and news programs, it’s overwhelming.  The accusations and rumors that abound about both candidates that the people of Nigeria are voting on.  It appears that most votes have been cast, leaving a question.  Did they go to the polls informed, or did they go to the polls for promised change?  Which leads to another question, what kind of change will they bring about?  It has been proven that Buhari has a very checkered past, ruling with an iron fist, and retaliating or at least leaving the impression that he was retaliating against opponents.  He has connections to Boko Haram, albeit quiet connections and he has been connected to the Janjaweed.  It has also been reported with reliable news outlets that our very own David Axelrod’s company has been in Nigeria helping with a campaign. (Read here) It has also been widely reported that Obama once told Nigeria that no help would be forthcoming from the US unless and until Nigeria changed it’s stance on Homosexuality. (Read more)

After Buhari’s election he said “Boko Haram will soon know the strength of our collective will.”  And this has been far from truth.  He said Boko Haram would be contained by December 2015. Well we are on the verge of December and the Boko Haram are rising up with a ferocity rivaled only by the Daesh.  They are claiming more ground, launching more attacks and more die every day. Buhari’s promises are turning up empty and useless.

Nigerian’s most specifically Christians are finding themselves in the same circumstances as before Buhari.  Refugee camps are overcrowed.  Churches that help are straining to provide even clean water and basics for survival.  One contact said his home was raided, his wife attacked as his daughter looked on.  They were looking for him and stole his computer and other personal items.  He has been helping Christian refugee’s for years.  It’s not better, Nigerians are on the run, and the slaughter continues.  A quote from theGuardian states some of the failed promises on economics like the 15 Billion dollars supposedly stolen from the Oil revenues:   “Since Buhari’s win, the stock market has lost more than $10bn in value, job creation has ebbed, and growth slowed to 2.35% in the second quarter, with the low oil prices in the spotlight. Petrol prices have stabilised but inflation keeps rising and the petrol subsidy debt has risen to $1.57bn: if unchecked, this is likely to lead to another oil workers’ union strike and rise in energy prices.”

The UN has just said that Boko Haram is expanding, and the time to stop them is now as the window of opportunity is small.   The report states that while they emerged in Nigeria they now control areas of Chad,Niger and Cameroon and numbers around 100,000.  The report also states that they are attempting to set up an oil rich state, an Islamic state (emphasis mine).  One quote states:”We used to have pockets of Boko Haram, it’s definitely expanding. It looks like they are trying to break through inside the country but also towards the borders in the east, the borders with Central African Republic.”

I have reported on the oil rich pipeline before.  Given the recent ties made with ISIS (Daesh) and Daesh’s hunger for oil to support them.  And remember they sell oil at a profit of one billion dollars a day!  Western leaders have long covered up this oil pipeline, but now with recent news from Buhari and his attempts to stop the hemorrhage of oil money you have to wonder.

Apparently there is a 3-7 billion dollar pipeline between the Doba field in Chad and Cameroon. (More)


Here is a quote from a report before Buhari was elected, which now becomes even more relevant.  “So western governments & Media are overlooking an evil, demonic force that is holding the country hostage, to increase economic ties with Africa?  While innocent civilians, Christian and other minorities pay a huge price, by facing death and slaughter, or fleeing into refugee centers rife with corruption, kidnapping, and death.”  (Read more)

So again we see Western Leaders overlooking evil, murderous rampages for motives beyond comprehension.  When will it end?  When will this Superhighway of terror end for these people.  One contact said once “They are killing my people and no one will help.”  The murderous rampage continues, children, mostly girls are used as suicide bombers, this murderous, demonic group is expanding and the West again is silent.  And again the people of Nigeria are left defenseless, crying for help when none comes.  Their ‘hope and change’ they hoped for with Buhari has yet to materialize.  Much like our ‘hope and change’ turned sour.   Again we see money and power at the expense of innocents playing out before our eyes.   Pray for Nigeria and war ravaged Africa.  Pray for our brothers and sisters there.



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2 replies

  1. Our poor Brothers and Sisters! It sounds very much like Mr. Buhan is controlled by the same “puppet masters” as “Noble Leader” of Mystery Babylon!

    Election irregularities? This also sounds familiar. There were reports of those irregularities here in the U.S. after the last “elections”. The same amount of investigation was done here as is being done in Nigeria it seems. The “puppet masters” know what they are doing and who they want in power, How dare the” little people” question their choices.

    I notice from the article that Mr. Buhan says one thing and does another thing. Does this have a familiar feel? And ALWAYS the “chosen” puppet is favorable toward Boko Haram and Daesh or Isis or Hezbollah, Or which ever gang of murderers they are told to support and lie about. “We must stop these terrorists!!!, they say, ……all the while funneling massive amounts of support to them!

    I also notice that the Christians always get the Short End of the stick, whether in Nigeria of in Mystery Babylon. The political liars and double talkers have the same bosses I am thinking. They are very well paid for their treachery.

    May The LORD GOD deliver this sad world from this present Darkness. It is through much Tribulation that we must enter the Kingdom of GOD. Come Lord JESUS…


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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