Calling Out America’s Pastor’s-If You Talk The Talk, Walk The Walk Or Return To Silence


The Church in the West, especially America has been silent way too long on Christian Persecution.  It has been said by Christian Leaders in Iraq that the silence of the West has condemned Christians to death.  I couldn’t agree more.  The silence has been deafening.  And now that our leader in particular say’s it’s shameful to consider Christianity for migration to the US, some in the church here has jumped on the bandwagon totally ignoring the genocide happening and the blindness and refusal to admit this from our President, and are now calling for America to open it’s arms to Syrian Refugees regardless of their backgrounds.  Making all feel quite guilty touting Christ’s commands to care for each other and care for widows and children.

I am not going to debate this.  I will say this, that the ludicrous accusations from our President that we want a test for religion is just that Ludicrous.  

This is an age old manipulation technique to turn the tables on truth and shame someone else.  The application for assylum in the U.S.  after 2 pages of personal information in part A, asks about religion.  Here is a snippet of the first question on part B:

app for assylum

Here is another question that I found very strange:

app for assylum 2

Really?  And they are going to tell the truth on this question.  This is what’s ludicrous about the application for Assylum.  Is it any wonder that legitimate Assylum seekers paperwork is buried under the hundreds of thousands of other paperwork?

My point is this.  Church’s in the west especially America has been silent, deafeningly silent about Christian persecution refusing to acknowledge that they are suffering much less the slaughter that has been taking place.  I hear daily from Pakistani Christians in Thailand asking for help from the Church here.  Help to either sponsor them to come here or for aid to pay their rent and food costs.  Let alone medical costs.  Shame on the church.  Here is a actual message from a persecuted Christian in Thailand:

I am a Christian Asylum Seeker here in Thailand and I am sure you already know a lot about what is going on here. Recently pressure by Thai government has made many people go back to Pakistan, what their condition is once they go back is not known. I know I cannot go back whatever happens because I would be arrested at the airport and put in jail and eventually killed. My families life, along with my own life is very precious. I am proud to be a Christian and although I lost everything that I worked for yet I am proud that I was able to help the less fortunate Christians in Pakistan. I did what I needed to do and have no regrets, but what is going to happen to us now. I have a request to please see if there is any church or organization that could help sponsor us, I know it is a difficult request but I know that if Jesus wants it to be so it will happen. I am asking in his name who can do the impossible. Please try and see if anything is possible, people like you are our only hope. Christmas is just around the corner and we are preparing to welcome our Saviour, but we at the same time are praying that we will remain safe and that he will protect us. I hope you do not think I am being bossy but it is just that at this time we are feeling neglected and forsaken. God Bless you and have a Holy Advent. Regards,

And that is just one of many.  I have learned that their faith grows in this darkness.  I have learned of their pain and suffering and it breaks my heart.  This is just a little of the sufferings I listen to daily and then I see the indifference and silence by our church leaders and it makes me sick.  One retired minister here told me that his church is silent on this and doesn’t even report on the Missions from their own denomination.  He took it upon himself to hang a poster of the missions around the world, trying to raise awareness in the congregation.  If you are unable to sponsor a family to come to the U.S.  at least sponsor one family suffering like in Thailand every month.  Provide food, housing and medical.  You would be surprised what only 200.00 American dollars would provide.  How can you remain silent when Jesus commanded we care for our brethren?  You would rather jump on the wagon for our government than take care of our own???  Shame on you, shame on you, if you are going to talk about it, put your money where your mouth is or go back to your silence.  We will be judged not only as Christians but as a Nation turning our back on God’s people.  If your church wants to sponsor a Christian in any way, I can get contact information of agencies helping or direct contact with a persecuted Christian.

Again if you are not acting on your commands only touting empty words than it’s time for action, it’s time to actually live what you speak.  Look at this picture it’s from the IDC in Thailand.  He is Christian and in shackles for fleeing darkness in Pakistan and now has been treated with darkness.  Keep this image in your mind this Holiday season and then ask yourself would I be faithful if this was me???  Help them!



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  1. Would you know of any organization or church that I may donate to that serve the prisoners of Thailand? Thank you, Mike.



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