Peeling Back The Truth-Radicalized, Extremists, Or Islam,- Know The Truth

Sharia law

I have had many questions asked and many debates over Islam, Muslim vs. extremists.  Religion of peace or religion of hatred?   Or is it a religion at all.  I have done many posts on this and this is not meant to be a study of Islam.  But there is something to be said for the news from Saudi Arabia this week.  Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country, of course they follow Sharia law.  They are suing someone over a tweet that compared them to ISIS.  They follow the same sharia law that ISIS follows so the comparison can be made.  I have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as ‘radicalized islamists.’  ISIS is Islam building it’s own Islamic State.

In Saudi Arabia, as in many Islamic countries, crime and punishment is based on Sharia Law (derived from the principles of the Qu’ran and hadith). Sharia Law dictates specific punishments for different crimes. Some crimes that are punishable by death include:  Murder, Apostasy, Blasphemy, Idolatry, Homosexuality, Sedition, Witchcraft and sorcery, Adultery (sexual relations with another person while married), Drug use/trafficking.

There is more than one way in which an execution may be carried out in Islam. The sentence for Apostacy, or the repentance of one’s faith, is a public beheading, while the sentence for Adultery is death by stoning. Executions may occur within prison boundaries or in a public square, depending on court ruling. Of the 6,221 executions known to have taken place around the world from 2007-2012 (excluding China), 423 (6.8%) were carried out in Saudi Arabia.The government does not release figures on executions in the Kingdom  but human rights organisations keep tab.

There are many countries that are muslim that follow varying types of Sharia law.  These are the ones that follow a strict form:  12 States in Nigeria, most of the UAE, Aceh, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Qatar, Maldives, Iraq, Iran, Brunei, Afghanistan, Sudan, & Mauritania.  Now you might not think it’s all that bad.  A non-muslim is forbidden to marry a muslim or it’s treated as fornication.  Stoning or beheading or lashes could be used as punishment for this.  Blasphemy or apostosy is death  usually by beheading.  In the legal system it takes 2 women’s testimony to equal that of 1 man.  Women are treated as property and can not travel even to the grocery store without a male relative accompanying them.  Flogging is given for consuming alcohol.

And so you know this is modern day, Saudi Arabia has carried out 150 public executions this year.

And In 2014, the provincial government of Aceh extended sharia’s reach, enacting and enforcing sharia to apply it to non-Muslims as well.

In the UAE Between 2007 and 2013, many people were sentenced to 100 lashes.   Moreover, in 2010 and 2012, several Muslims were sentenced to 80 lashes for alcohol consumption.  Under UAE law, premarital sex is punishable by 100 lashes.  Stoning is a legal form of judicial punishment in UAE. In 2006, an expatriate was sentenced to death by stoning for committing adultery.  Between 2009 and 2013, several people were sentenced to death by stoning.   In May 2014, an Asian housemaid was sentenced to death by stoning in Abu Dhabi.

So you get the picture.  Islam is not a religion, it’s a totalitarian government, economic, and justice system.  Regardless of where they reside they are bound by strict rules of governing by the Quran.  Complete with dietary (Halal) restrictions.  They all publicly recite the Shahada.  Claiming there is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet.  Completely opposite of what Christians or Jews believe.  They believe in death for apostates (those who convert or refuse to pray)  and death for all unbelievers.  Islam is not a peaceful religion, we do not worship the same god.  Don’t take my word for it, read the Quran for yourself.

In Pakistan they also follow sharia law, women are raped and the rapists are almost never brought to justice due to the witness rule.  Christians are killed, or accused of blasphemy and sentenced to death.  Such as Asia Bibi and many others.  Recently muslims burned down a Christian TV station, burning Bibles and all equipment.

Christians are being slaughtered and leaving their countries of origins by the thousands.  Many refuse to enter the UN refugee camps as they are infiltrated by muslims who rape, pillage and persecute them. Christians who try to leave via boat are finding themselves murdered at sea.  Yet Western Nations have turned their backs on them, instead  embracing multi-culturalism from a culture that refuses to assimilate, and only wants to conquer.  Ask yourself why are Muslim-Christian Converts isolated from their families and even killed by them for leaving Islam, if they worship the same god as us.

And remember Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.  John 14:6


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  1. Hayden…….. There’s no way to improve of the good information you have given us here. It is absolutely heartbreaking what people will buy into and forget what the one true God of heaven and earth stands for which is Love……… you covered it by saying they must be demon possessed to believe in all the bloodshed they do and yet say this is what their god allah wants…..DEMENTED indeed to say the least. God Bless and keep you close in His will Brother.


  2. Reading the quran, or parts of it, is a good way to see just what islam is and what it is NOT.

    A Sister, Hatune Dogan, an Assyrian Orthodox nun, has seen UP CLOSE and REAL what islam is and the things it does to other human beings. It is hard to listen to her eyewitness descriptions of the horrible atrocities and mutilations carried out in the name of islam and the demonic allah. She ministers a lot to women who have been brutalized by islam. She has documented these events in a book. She has a few videos also. Listening to her eye-witness account is NOT easy listening nor reading, but it is true. She carries a quran with her to show just what is being done by order of the false non-prophet, the messenger of a demon.

    For anyone to do to another human being what the islamists do, the islamists have to be demonized or demon-possessed. It has been this way from the inception of bloody and murderous islam and its demonized false “prophet” of death. Check it out for yourself. This ” cult of death” is what is being FORCED on Western nations at present.

    However, The LORD GOD of Israel is in control. Watch and pray. See what will happen. HE will keep the Called-Out Ones, the Body of HIS Beloved SON+, the Whole House of Israel, spread out across the earth, for HIMSELF. Pray for The Peace+ of Jerusalem.



  1. Peeling Back The Truth-Radicalized, Extremists, Or Islam,- Know The Truth | State of Globe

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