The Snake Creeps As The West Sleeps – A Warning


(Voice of the PersecutedWritten by a Christian brother who has been directly affected by persecution in Syria. He has suffered the greatest loss anyone can experience, his family. The persecution of his family was a turning point in his life. He realized the need to tell the truth of what’s happening in Syria. He realized he needed to warn and wake the West.

While the extremism and persecution is being directed against Christians in the Middle East, which is a crime against civilization as well as humanity, the effect of this campaign of violence and intimidation has been devastating for Christianity in Syria. Syria boasted a flourishing Christian population of at least 3 million. Today,  the small number of Christians left is a astounding. Most of these Syrian Christians have fled the country, but a staggering number have been killed.

All should see and realize what happened not only to the Christians in Syria but to the civilization.

Radical Islamism and the terrorism that has come to be associated with it, has peaked in the Middle East and especially in Syria. Violent radical Islamism is no longer, if it ever was, limited to the likes of al Qaeda (or ISIS), but rather like-minded networks of autonomous Islamist radical terror cells who aid one another in pursuit of common goals now crisscross the globe and the next journey is to the West.

The blood lust of Islamism is thus rooted in a perverted religious impulse to kill and mutilate in the name of Allah. This is what makes it so insidious and wicked. The killing of innocent men, women, and children in the name of Islam becomes a thing of praise and a badge of honor. The more you kill, the more Allah is honored.


But the world is lulled to sleep while the enemy gathers its strength for an all out offensive against the civilian populations. It has attacked Syria now, but the tumor will spread. All that seems benign in the West shall at one time turn cancerous and will be difficult to control.

yawnsIslamic fundamentalists plan on putting together an Islamic Empire composed of Turkey, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Tunisia, Nigeria, the former Muslim Soviet states such as Uzbekistan, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Their plan is on schedule and they are taking over country after country, while the West sleeps securely with its naive dreams of endless peace and prosperity of a ‘new world order’. Each day’s headlines demonstrates the timeliness of this important analysis of the emerging transnational radical Islamic movement… and the growing danger that the Islamic extremist elements may seek to exploit the present vulnerability with devastating results.

I did not expect that the extremism would reach Syria in the dreadful way it has, but having swept over massively to kill every living creature—you can expect your door to be knocked at soon.  (Voice of the Persecuted report 11/11/2015)

God bless you, brother. You’re always in our prayers.

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