A Message to Daesh From The People Of The Cross


You’re slaughter of the innocents will not strike fear in our hearts.  Your cries to your god as you kill for him will not bring fear.  We will stand firm in our Faith and our God.  We will not fear you.  Our Lord and Savior warned us of you centuries ago!  We abide by His word.  ” Do not fear the man who can take your life but fear him who can take both life and soul.”
Our Father who art in heaven give us courage, and yeah though we walk through the valley of death we will fear no evil!

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  1. Amen!

    As usual the muslim jihadists target unarmed and helpless men, women, and children. These demon-filled jihadists scream out to the DEMON they call allah as they shed the blood of innocent people.

    What they have sown and are sowing is going to be RETURNED UPON THEIR OWN HEADS. The LIE that calls itself islam will be struck down, ground to powder, and burned to ash. It will be NO MORE!

    Right now they seem in the ascendancy as the “leaders” give them favor and preference. But this is part of the “plan”. It WILL come to an end.

    It appears right now that this type of event will be coming to American shores. Thousands of unscreened “migrants” have poured across the southern border with full knowledge and permission of the government.

    Recently, 10,000 more have been brought in through New Orleans and placed by the government in many communities. Jihadist training camps operate inside the U.S. with full government knowledge.

    Over 2 billion dollars have been reportedly taken away from the Veterans Administration funding and placed into the funding SUPPORTING the incoming muslim immigrants. That fund ALREADY HAD 4 billion dollars in it, according to the report on 11-13-2015 on Steve Quayle’s website.

    To all Christians: ” Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” Seek The LORD’S Counsel before going anywhere or doing anything. Be wary of large crowds and events. Do not run “with the crowd” — not even the contemporary Christian crowd. Walk softly before the LORD and listen to HIS+ Voice.

    Walk CIRCUMSPECTLY. Pray without ceasing. May the LORD+ keep all of you safe.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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