BE A VOICE! Pakistan’s Darkness Reaches Across Continents


Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, these images of refugee’s are burned into my memory forever.  The child on the beach face down, the Christians slaughtered for Christ, the strewn body parts of those attacked in barbaric evil ways from war torn countries where an evil ideology and government are vying for control.

It’s more than just one movement, revolution or civil war, or  ideology that has joined forces wreaking havoc across the planet.  That said we must give attention and voices and support for this, but one thing that has been lost in all the Migrant crises and ravages of war is the ideology that persecutes Christians for believing in Christ, not Islam.  There are countries today that are Islamic and follow strict forms of Sharia law and not at war.  Like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.  These are just 2, but today I want to clarify Pakistan.  This is not a new movement or war against humanity.  This is a life long view and way of living for so many Christians and those who dare to speak out.  Saudi Arabia has a brutal form of government, persecuting women and activists.  Women can’t drive because it will affect child bearing, and there is one activist who is awaiting more beating from the government.  There is also a young boy waiting his death sentence who was unjustly tried.

Pakistan is the subject today.  I have done multiple reports on Pakistan.  It was formed in blood and remains that way today.  Christianity suffers greatly at the hands of the Islamic government.  Not only blatant disregard for the lives of Christians as it turns a blind eye to everything from rape of Christian women to burning them alive.  Pakistan just lost it’s bid for a seat on the UN Human rights council.  And it’s about time.  I can’t imagine a country whose human rights record is one of slavery, murder and religious intolerance judging any type of human rights abuses.  You can’t call out evil if you are evil yourself.  Strong words?  No it’s truth.  According to Dawn News Agency this is what western countries said about their human rights records:

“Western countries also had their qualms. The Nordic countries in particular had concerns about Pakistan’s human rights record — death penalty, the blasphemy issue and persecution of Christians, Ahmadis and Shias. Others were uncomfortable over the strong position Pakistan took on issues like drones and ‘Islamophobia’.”

The US recently released a report detailing that Pakistan was one of the top abusers of religious freedom:

Detailing the many abuses of religious freedom in its section on Pakistan, the IRF report states that in 2014:

Government policies did not afford equal protection to members of majority and minority religious groups, and due to discriminatory legislation, minorities often were afraid to profess freely their religious beliefs. Media and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) reported killings of religious minorities by police. . . . The government’s general failure to investigate, arrest, or prosecute those responsible for societal abuses promoted an environment of impunity that fostered intolerance and acts of violence . . . . In numerous cases during the year, authorities failed to protect victims of religiously motivated mob violence.  Read more.

Photo via ACLJ

Photo via ACLJ

Recently rapists were set free after brutally beating and raping 2 Christian girls.  Bribery and fear are often used against witnesses, and manipulation of justice is at levels unimaginable.  Even those who claim to help are sometimes rife with corruption and greed.

“Christian girls, who are never removed from the custody of their rapists, choose to agree to the terms of their marriage rather than see their families killed before them and receive further beatings and degradation,” he said. “How many girls will cry themselves to sleep forever, before international governments intervene?”  Read Here.

And the darkness of Balochistan is hideous. This is from my report “The Dark Secrets Of Pakistan”:

We have been following the death of the Human Rights Activist Sabeen Mahmud. One of the last events she hosted, was on the ‘disappeared’ of Balochistan, those who have been killed by the State.  She stood for Freedom of Speech, and encouraged debate. She also helped form a human chain around a Christian church in solidarity with the Christian community after an attack on a church in Peshawar.   She was an avid voice  for the Human Rights abuses in Balochistan.  We also have looked at this region before.  It is steeped in conflict not only from Pakistan, but Afghanistan, and even Iran.  A couple of days ago a report broke about another Human Rights Activist who spoke about her grief over Mahmud’s murder.  And now she is receiving death threats, rape threats and threats of charges of Blasphemy.  So full of vitriol and hatred are these threats she had to delete her social media accounts.  Freedom of the press and freedom of religion in Pakistan are non-existent, at the least, and anyone who dares to speak out is met with immense pressure, prison and even death.  World Watch Monitor reports that now the Press club in Quetta is banning 4 Christian journalists for what they call proselytizing.  Converting Muslims to Infidels.  Read More.

So for the world to ignore the plight of Pakistani Christians who have fled death and mutilation for freedom to worship, is one of the biggest travesties of justice seen by the world.  This is not new, but where are they to go.  They are swept under a mountain of migrant issues, and the countries like Thailand and Malaysia where they have fled are only adding to their suffering.  The UNHCR is unwilling to help them.  The UNHCR could at the very least defend them in these countries that will not recognize asylum seekers.  Give them work permits to provide for their families.  That’s the very least they could do, or extend their visa’s anything but remain silent and endlessly postponing help for them.  It’s the same thing the World did in the Holocaust when they ignored the plight of the Jewish people.  Christians who helped were sacrificed along with them, while the world stood in silence turning the other way.  This is the same thing.

There is no hope of returning as in war torn countries, no hope of regaining lost lives.  Educated people are thrust into a life of hiding and poverty with no recourse.  And the American and Western churches are dead silent.  Nothing.  No comfort, no aide, nothing.  If every church in America would sponsor just one family every month we could take care of all of them.  It would be like giving up your starbucks for a week.  $100.00 goes a long way to providing food, and shelter for Christians in Thailand.  One brother was injured so badly when attacked he has constant oral pain.  And in need of dental work.  Another has a child with Pneumonia.  And the list goes on and on.

pakistan flag

Did you know that the Constitution and flag of Pakistan each are to represent religious minorities such as Christians?  They do.  We have covered the constitution of Pakistan before, but here is what the flag stands for:

The green represents Islam and the majority Muslims in Pakistan and the white stripe represents religious minorities and minority religions. In the centre, the crescent and star symbolizes progress and light respectively.  The flag symbolizes Pakistan’s commitment to Islam and the rights of religious minorities. It is based on the original flag of the Muslim League, which itself drew inspiration from the flag of the Sultanate of Delhi, the flag of Ottoman Empire and the Flag of the Mughal Empire.

I say What??? They defy their own flag!  How can we trust that they would recognize abuse if they are abusers of their flag and country?

I hope you can begin to see the dire conditions of these our Brethren.  Not only what they have endured in Pakistan but what they are continuing to endure in hiding in Thailand and Malaysia.  This silence can not continue.   Be A Voice, Write your representatives, write to the UNHCR, or sign a petition.  Here is one, click the image to go to the petition.


Click Image to sign Petition

Click Image to sign Petition

Here’s another by the ACLJ

Click Image to sign petition

Click Image to sign petition

Don’t remain silent.  Use your voice to help the Persecuted Christians fleeing death.  If you can help monetarily do so here.  But don’t turn your head away, raise your voice and Pray.  Pray like never before.  Prayer is our biggest tool against evil.

By C. Refsland

Credit to wikipedia


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5 replies

  1. Reblogged this on Newjerusalemcoming and commented:
    Read what my sister in Christ has to share and keep our brothers and sisters in prayer! In Jesus name. Amen


  2. Sister C.J.,

    I am grieved also. At one time they could have come here (U.S.) but that door is no longer open, it seems. The few that have managed to make it to these shores have been deported back to misery and possible death. The US seems to prefer to accept thousands of muslim men of fighting age over suffering, non-violent Christians.

    You are right. If each church would adopt one family, we could help all of them. But… WHO is capable of stirring the American church to do this ?

    As I have said before, Materialism and Hedonism have numbed the hearts of the churches, who actually feel that it is their “right” to continue to maintain the extremely high standard of living they have been trained and taught is good. Much funding goes for new programs and comfortable facilities.

    Little funds are allotted — proportionally to the resources of the American churches — for programs for suffering brothers and sisters across the ocean.

    How does one awaken those who are dead inside, except by supernatural means?

    As for the U.N. ( UNHCR), they seem to be the enemies of GOD’S Children rather that rightly issuing assistance.

    I pray that all who can send financial help will do so, and if ANYONE is shown how to get assistance to these suffering ones please let us all know.

    In the meantime maybe we can get enough to these so that the brother can have dental work done and help can be provided for the child with pneumonia. I trust the V.O.P. gets the money sent right to the ones that need it most, in the Name of JESUS.

    We followers of The SON+ of GOD must care for each other. The world and the governments could not care less.


    • Thank you brother for your heart for our brethren. Yes the VOP is with God’s help trying to aid. Still they ask for prayer. We will continue to speak out and ask for the Holy Spirit to awaken the church. Thanks again brother!


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