Don’t Worry What You Will Say, I Will Speak For You


(Voice of the Persecuted) Pray for me! Remember to pray for me. That’s what we hear most. The next most spoken word from refugees or asylum seekers is “I am not a beggar.”  I have heard so many stories from so many who are suffering, my heart has been permanently scarred, overflowing with love, sadness, and heartache.  There is so much suffering in the world, that it’s hard to concentrate on one issue…at least for most.  But we focus on the many from Nigeria, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, Iraq, Syria and Thailand. Agonizing over who we can help with aid such as food, medicine and a roof over their heads.

Last night, while doing the laundry, I was looking over some of our clothes that were beginning to show wear. I thought, “That will soon need to be replaced.”  Then it hit like a ton of bricks, “What if I were in the shoes of refugees and asylum seekers not knowing where my next meal was coming from.  I began thanking God for my blessings and repented.  I suddenly had a clear vision into what these dear brethren were facing.  When their children cry from sickness or hunger not knowing how they will be able to feed them.  My God how we have failed. To believe the world sees them are beggars as their dignity slips away, as a whole, we have failed to care for those forced into suffering.

With God, in much prayer and meditation, I asked one question, why? “Why would you bring this to me if I am unable to help?”  I also asked, “why doesn’t someone do something?”  Than I realized that someone was me. I realized that we would be the ones to go and speak for them.  God was giving us that mission.

With your help, we were able to care for 3 more families in Thailand, this month.  We were also able to cover overstay fees to keep newly arrested asylum seekers from going to the Central Jail. We are so very grateful for your help.  At times we worry like everyone else…will we be able to help next month?  But God tells us, He would not give us a mission that He won’t equip us for.

Peter doubted Jesus when he set out on the water to walk to Him, as soon as he doubted he began to sink.  Jesus reached down saying, “oh ye of little Faith” and pulled Peter to safety. Thomas didn’t believe it when he was told Jesus had been resurrected. Thomas said unless he saw the nail marks in his hands and put his finger where the nails were, and his hand into his side, he would not believe. Well he got that chance. Jesus told Thomas, “Reach hither thy finger, and behold my hands; and reach hither thy hand, and thrust it into my side: and be not faithless, but believing.” Thomas answered and said, “MyLord and my God.” Jesus told him, “Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.”

“Believe and do not doubt.”

So we have learned to trust and obey God.  We have seen Him work miracle after miracle advancing us to care for those suffering in His name.  So, when the Holy Spirit moves us to go and speak, that is what we will do. Voice of the Persecuted belongs to God. It’s His mission not ours. We know that He will provide and bring the words to be spoken.

Our team must to travel to Thailand to meet with the Christian asylum seekers and access their needs first hand. To raise for our voices for our brethren with the UNHCR Bangkok. We want to comfort them, give them love and encouragement.  They are feeling forgotten and alone.

The BPCA is working in Britain with Lord Alton to feverishly change the opinion of the government’s existing policy, which merely states that Pakistani Christians face severe discrimination as opposed to persecution. We want to hand deliver a letter to the UNHCR office in Thailand and meet with them if possible. To ask that agreements be made with the Thai government for protection against arrests and that they may be granted work permits to provide for their families.  We want to work with them to help end this unfair treatment of Pakistani Christians seeking religious freedom to live in peace without fear. We’d like to make a stop in D.C. to speak with Thai and U.S. officials.

Something must be done. Everyday that goes by is a day their children can’t be schooled, play outside, or have any form of normal life.  Everyday is a day that they worry how they will help their family to survive.  Each day that goes by is a day lost forever.  Many are skilled workers, teachers, journalists, tradesmen, and even medical personnel.  Yet, they’ve been forced to pauper status, locked away in a room  that leaves much to be desired.

Will you be a part of God’s mission?  Will you be a part of this journey to help our brethren?

There are two ways to help.  You can donate to make this trip possible, or write letters that we will hand deliver to the suffering and let them know you are standing united with them in prayer.  Your prayers, heartfelt words and encouragement means the world to them.

They are so fearful the world thinks of them as beggars, they are not.  But I will be, I will become a beggar for them.  I beg you if the Lord is laying this on your heart, please help.

C. Refsland and L. Kanalos, VOP Advocates

Together with your generous support, we can reach the goal to alleviate horrific suffering. In darkness and desperation, let us serve in love, with open arms and giving hands to provide light and hope.


Everyday, we thank God that He is working through you to care for His children and further His Kingdom! As you greatly bless others, may God continue to bless you. Thank you so much for your support. We couldn’t do it without you!

You may also mail your gift to:

2740 Third St
P.O. Box 122
Trenton, MI. 48183

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