The Church Is In Denial


I want to say at the start I am not attacking any specific denomination.  I wish to call out the church as a whole, all denominations and non-denominations alike.  That said I must point out the conflicting doctrine within.

You either believe the Bible is the infallible word of God in its entirety or you don’t.  If you don’t you follow the God of the world.
There is no middle ground.  You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

There is a Jesuit priest whose credentials are magnificent, that  works with the vatcan observatory who recently made a seemingly harmless and brilliant statement about the universe and religion.  Or at least that’s what it appears to be untill you reflect on what he said.  He said:
“both science and religion start with observations and often have to move forward with “inadequate data” in order to help us get to the truth.”
What?  Religion starts with inadequate data?  No, no it doesn’t.

John tells us in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  Genesis gives us the beginning of time, the beginning of the heavens, the beginning of earth and the beginning of man. Satan has been telling man from the beginning we can be as god’s. What part of this is inadequate data?  It’s only inadequate data for those who believe there is no God and believe only in evolution not creation or the creator.

This is dangerous new age doctrine that is infiltrating and spreading in churches like a wildfire out of control.
According to 2 Thessalonians 2 Satan pulls out all the stops and deludes all who desire his lying wonders, and follow their desires instead of God and the truth.

Why are men of God and churches falling away from sound doctrine?  It’s easier to believe a lie.
In a recent article an author goes back and forth with Obama about Christians and faith.  They don’t understand why we cling to our God and finally center on Jesus words to love your neighbor even hinting that this is impossible.  This too is new age doctrine and is Satan and antchrist’s last push to attack the ecclesia, with politically correct new doctrine they deceive many.

Denying what times we are in, denying that a genocide is taking place for Christians.  The church as a whole is in dangerous denial.  All denominations are guilty.  The same spirit that tempted our Lord and promised Him the world has tempted the church.  The difference is the church instead of saying get behind me Satan has run head long into promises of riches and knowledge.  Prosperity instead of taking up their cross and following our Lord as commanded.  Denying doctrine.  Denying those suffering, turning away.

Just as Jesus said it will be as in the days of Noah.  Churches are oblivious to the coming storm,planning parties, marrying, drinking and eating.  Remodeling sanctuaries to include cafes and concert halls.  It is very sad to see the church morph into the Temple of Jesus time when he ran the money changers out and said you have turned my Father’s house into a den of thieves.

He also warned us about the yeast of the Pharisees destroying the whole batch.  The yeast of prosperity verses helping the poor and those less fortunate.  Thinking they are Holy and not in need of forgiveness.  Thinking they are rich and in need of nothing.  Time to heed the warnings and take a good look at the Storm clouds already in motion.  Time to turn into the word or you will find only confusion on the Great day of the Lord.

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  1. The doctrine the pharasees and Sadducees followed are alive and well and has never left its cold stone buildings as they were warned of their belief system by Christ they have remained unchanged of their wrong doing……………. Until the true church as a whole come to understand “The Church” is NOT a building but a body of people filled with the Holy Spirit as written we are the temple of God and Christ taught that when He died there would not be one stone left upon another that would not be thrown down…… He brought us the NEW Covenant and man insists on serving the old law and ways. God Bless You for this truth filled post.


  2. Absolutely! YES!

    Not only are we seeing prophecy fulfilled in the nations and the conditions in Israel, we are seeing it fulfilled in the Ecclesia as well.

    They REFUSE to see what danger they are in. The “church” turns its back on the ONLY help they have, setting HIS+ Words aside and teaching for doctrines the precepts of men.

    The Church in general refuses to STILL itself.

    Endless rounds of pancake suppers, fellowship meals, camping trips, speakers, video-taping those speakers, fall festivals, meetings-and-eatings of every variety absorb all the energies and time left over after work and raising the children.

    Thus, the Church can only hear the “voice of men,” not that STILL, SMALL VOICE+ of The LORD. Recognition of His+ Voice comes only with quieting ourselves away from the many distractions of life.

    The church cannot point its finger at ancient Israel and say, ” See how they disobeyed and broke GOD’S commandments!” The NEW Covenant itself has been BROKEN and Shattered by the religious organizations who still attempt to use HIS+ Holy Name, and at the same time, are crucifying HIM+ again in front of the whole world, putting HIM+ to an open shame.

    It is TIME TO GET SERIOUS about WHO+ we believe!

    Is it mental assent … or are we going to REALLY FOLLOW HIM+ as HIS+ Disciples?

    Hard days ARE ahead. Much DECEPTION is here. It appears that persecution is coming, even here where we are not used to it, at least overtly. It is time to decide: JUST WHERE DO WE STAND?

    It is going to COST SOMETHING to OPENLY CONFESS JESUS CHRIST as LORD in the days ahead. The days of “easy believism” and “cheap grace” are OVER.

    If you want to FOLLOW JESUS the MESSIAH as HIS+ Disciple, then DO SO. The Disciple’s Cross is there to be picked up and carried. If the path of His+ Cross is CHOSEN, then HE+ will send supernatural help to those choosing it.

    May GOD our FATHER help us to REALLY BE HIS Beloved SON’S+ Disciples and to Follow HIM+ in the STRAIGHT and NARROW Way that leads unto Eternal Life with HIM+.



  1. The Church Is In Denial | State of Globe

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