An Emotional Letter From A Persecuted Pakistani Christian In Malaysia


(PCN) I want to express my deep sorrow and concern regarding UNHCR´s treatment towards the persecuted Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in Malaysia. A clear discrimination and ignorant behavior can be seen against the Pakistani Christian asylum applicants while the Muslim applicants from Syria and Myanmar are being treated in a nice way and given preference.

UNHCR Malaysia is torturing psychologically the Pakistani Christian applicants by giving them 3 years long date for the first interview and then it takes another 2 to 3 years to determine whether to grant them the refugee status or not. All together it’s a process of 8-10 years to resettle them to the safe third countries. Just think for a while how a person with family can survive for such long period without any proper source of income? Are they discouraging us in purpose for making us leave Malaysia and go back to our home country where our lives will be at stake?

On the other hand all other asylum applicants from Arab and African countries are given the dates for few months later and in total within a year they get resettled to the third countries. It’s a limit of discrimination but no one has authority to question UNHCR´s behavior. Shouldn´t I call it dictatorship? It has no importance for UNHCR that I have been physically attacked twice in Malaysia and had to change accommodation on 4 different occasions just because I refused to convert to Islam. UNHCR treats me as nothing had happened to me and I have come to Malaysia for hanging around.

I knew about this all but today I myself have gone through this. I arrive to Malaysia in October 2013 and waited 2 long years for my interview to be taken. This morning when I arrived at UNHCR´s office in Kuala Lumpur, the officer informed me that UNHCR can’t accommodate my file now and I was given another date for October 2016 without any solid reason for the postponement. My wife started crying in UNHCR´s office and my children were very much depressed and frustrated too.

I am putting all my efforts to raise the voice for deserving and genuine persecuted Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in Malaysia with the hope that someday we shall be heard but today I found myself so alone and shattered that for a moment I had decided to go back to Pakistan despite the risk of being killed but then I was told by my God to be patient and have faith. I know that He will provide us what we need and He will soften the heart of UNHCR officials.

The main concern I have right now is how to feed and give shelter to my family? My daughters used to get top positions while studying in Pakistan but here in Malaysia I am not able to send them to school due to the lack of financial resources. My little daughter is very good in Arts and Craft; she can quickly draw anything after seeing an image on internet. The eldest daughter is very talented as well but I see no future for them in Malaysia and UNHCR doesn´t provide us any little help for covering our basic needs. It is easy for UNHCR to postpone the interview for another year but do they care how I am going to buy milk for my daughters or how I will pay the rent for the little room my family lives in?

I request to the international community and media to raise our voice. We are part of the body of Christ. We need your support in these crucial moments when we are being discriminated and abandoned by UNHCR. Don´t the Pakistani Christians have right to live and worship freely? Don´t we have right to see our children growing in a fear free atmosphere? If yes, please help your Pakistani Christian brothers and sisters in Malaysia. Please don´t let us die here. God bless you all.

Shahbaz Gulzar

A Pakistani Christian Asylum Seeker in Malaysia


Shared with permission

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  1. Hopefully, in The LORD+_ we can get some help to these Children of GOD.

    The U.N. is a ROTTON organization. They will hurt Christians all they can. .They are under orders to give favor to non-Christians and reject Christians. There is no other reason, even as the U.S. welcomes thousands of muslims and rejects smaller numbers of Christian families, sending them back to places that will kill them.

    Here is what the LORD+ says; ” As you have done to the least of these MY+ brethren I+ will do to you.”



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