Germany in a state of SIEGE


An eye opening article.  Germany is awakening to the reality of a culture that refuses to assimilate.  Instead of the hundreds of thousands even millions of Christians who are displaced and fleeing death they are witnessing massive amounts of those who seek to take over and change laws and customs.  They expect the generous host countries to allow this.
We predicted this a year ago.  As an advocate for Christians who are persecuted we watched the Christian genocide (call it what it is) with horror but what is even worse is the refusal of western leaders to acknowledge or help.
We have also reported on the corruption on the refugee camps from Africa to the middle East.  Used as corridors for weapons, human trafficking and rife with rebels.
When you watch and discern as we have you quickly understand the design in this.  Christian countries such as Europe and even the US are forced to accept this and Christians will have no refuge.  We knew a year ago this would happen.  It’s also prophesied.
It is heartbreaking to beg for coverage from the news media for our Christian brothers only to be met with silence.  Now to see why is even more heartbreaking.  Please read the following and discern the truth.  It is very harrowing to see what our leaders have created.  And the US is next.  May God have mercy on His children.

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  1. I cannot see how the perpetrators of this “invasion” of Europe are not going to pay a price for this crime. The governments there are putting their own people out of their homes in some cases to make room for the massive influx of NON-REFUGEES. This is part of an overall plan to subjugate all nations to one authority.

    I am noticing now that The LORD+ is putting nation against nation. (HE+ is a Much Better chess player than ANY of them.) Russia is going into Syria to actually stop the U.S. trained and financed Daesh/IS. Now China is joining Russia in this move, with Chinese warships passing through the Suez canal yesterday. This is frightening, but nearly poetic in many ways. Your sins will find you out, even BIG NATIONAL SINS. Since no little nation could stop the Daesh, and for it’s own reasons the U.S. WOULD not, maybe Russia and China will!

    In all of this The LORD GOD is able to protect Israel and bring them through the fire, showing them Who HE is and Who The MESSIAH+ is. Let us be attentive and watch with prayer all that is unfolding before our eyes. The LORD+ is funneling the nations into the fore-ordained path HE+ has laid out for them as recorded for us in Scriptures.

    Thank you for this update on the European invasion.
    The Peace of The LORD+ be with you Sister.



  1. Germany in a state of SIEGE | State of Globe

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