Brothers and Sisters …  LET US TURN THE TABLES in this Spiritual battle being waged via Pastor Saeed in one of Iran’s worst criminal prisons.



Pastor Saeed traveled to Iran hoping to establish a Christian orphanage, we are told. Instead, the LORD re-directed his efforts, involuntarily, and allowed Pastor Saeed to be placed into a terrible season of imprisonment and torture. It is continuing this day and the governments of our world are ignoring this innocent man’s imprisonment.




The GOD and FATHER of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST is NOT IGNORING the cries of HIS SON’S + Beloved Follower nor is The LORD ignoring the prayers of the Saints.


We forget that the blood of the Martyrs is the seed of the CHURCH+ of JESUS CHRIST.  


Brother Saeed’s testimony to CHRIST JESUS in the Iranian prison is NOT being ignored by the other prisoners, either, in that hard-core incarceration camp.  For years now, they have watched Brother Saeed’s Christian behavior, heard him speak, and witnessed his testimony about the Risen CHRIST JESUS, bringing hope that they do not have. 


Those men ALL KNOW he has harmed no- one nor stolen anyone’s property

… yet he is suffering.

What they DO NOT KNOW is that The LORD JESUS CHRIST allowed Brother Saeed to be sent there  expressly to them to give them opportunity to choose Eternal Life+ through JESUS instead of eternal damnation.


It is likely that few of those men had ever heard the truth about The LORD JESUS CHRIST and fewer still had ever witnessed the behavior of a true Follower of JESUS first-hand. 


So then, let us agree together …. as we beseech the Throne of CHRIST for Brother Saeed… to also supplicate for an out-pouring of the Blessed HOLY SPIRIT to pour down upon the prison inmates incarcerated with him…

that the labor of Brother Saeed’s

 imprisonment will not be in vain.


Where do we stand, in this spiritual warfare ? Let us stand with CHRIST and see His+ Great purpose in allowing the suffering of His+ Faithful Servant Saeed and then, Scripturally apply HIS+ Word … in unison and accord. Hear it: 


JESUS said:  ” All AUTHORITY is given unto ME+ in Heaven and in earth.”

Matthew 28:18  


JESUS said: ” Behold, I give unto YOU authority to tread on serpents [Gk.= OpheOn = Sharp-eyed Ones , not the animals which are herpetons ( reptiles, snakes) ], and scorpions , and over ALL THE POWER of the enemy and NOTHING shall by any means hurt you. ”  Luke 10:19



Let us AGREE to :

  • Bind the demonic spirits of islam which are keeping the prisoners bound


  • Pray WITH ALL the AUTHORITY that the Name of JESUS grants us

  • Pray according to HIS+ WILL, Who+ desires ALL MEN to be saved





O LORD JESUS CHRIST, THOU+ Who+ desireth that all men come to the Light of Thy+ Salvation, we pray for the OUT-POURING of the HOLY SPIRIT upon the men in Pastor Saeed’s cell, his block area, his hallway, his building, and his prison complex.


We bind — by all the authority the Blood of The LAMB+ gives us and all the authority granted to us by the Name of JESUS  and in accordance with HIS+ Will — all the demonic spirits that are hindering these prisoners from coming to JESUS as LORD of their lives.  


In the name of JESUS, we ask for HEAVY conviction of sin and shame of face to fall upon every inmate, every staff worker, and every official connected to this prison or who has anything to do with Pastor Saeed. 


Let the fire of Thy+ Blessed HOLY SPIRIT fall upon these men and bring them to salvation, every one of them. Empower them to become evangelists, leading their families and friends across Iran unto THEE, O CHRIST. 


And Grant, O FATHER of MERCIES, a miraculous deliverance of Thy servant Pastor Saeed, and bring the joy of Thy HOLY SPIRIT upon him this day, healing Thy Servant of every wound in his body and spirit, which are Thine. 


This we ask for the Sake of Thy Beloved SON+ JESUS CHRIST, Who+ lives and died for us and ever reigns on High, with thee, Heavenly FATHER, and thy Blessed HOLY SPIRIT, one GOD, now and forever to the Endless Ages.


And the Congregation said: “Amen!”



THOU hast made the Heavens

by Thy great power and stretched-out arm and there is NOTHING too hard for THEE !

Jeremiah 32:17








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  1. Amen! There is nothing that Christ did not conquer at the cross including death! Let us stand as one for our brother in Christ who is in a position through much suffering is being allowed to show others the same message our Saviour brought to this world which is to free those in prison literally and those in bondage………,.. Father by your Spirit move the mountains in the life of your servant Sawed who is by your strength standing today as he tells others of your grace, may he be released like your servant Peter was when in prison for there is nothing impossible for you. We pray in Jesus precious name Amen.



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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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