Europe Pulling The Welcome Mat’s-Part Of A Large Design?



This is the headline in the Drudge Report that caught my eye this morning.  Europe is pulling the welcome mats after a massive influx of migrants from the Middle East.  Germany, Serbia, Hungary are in chaos.  Scenes of massive lines of refugee’s, police battling with the same and barbed wire fences going up for miles is what we see.  Massive scenes of trails of garbage and remnants of lives for miles.  Scenes of sorrow, and sadness and shock.   The UN calling for countries to step up and accept all.  Camps being erected, camps that we have only seen horror shots of from the Middle East, now in Europe.  Europe is groaning, the world is groaning.  They didn’t see this coming??  Really.  This flooding of the system has been coming for years.  The powers that be for lack of a better word, knew this was coming.  In fact it was laid out in a plan in the 60’s by Cloward and Piven.  Done by design.  Their plan was to flood the system with aid recipients and to make a long story short, a New World Order would arise out of the ashes.  Were they prophets?  Hardly, they were part of the larger socialist, communist plan from the beginning.

Now that the world is in tatters and full blown chaos the progressive elites are ecstatic.  Only they didn’t really count on the magnitude of reality that they have created.  As we watch one by one the countries that are falling and regions are being re-shaped, chaos unfolding can you still say that this is only conspiracy theorists at work?  Can you not see the forest for the trees?  Do you think the people of the ‘Roaring Twenties’ thought about anything except partying?   It’s time to prepare, because it’s coming here.  After all our politicians here such as Mrs. Clinton have been calling for deep seated religious beliefs to be changed in order to move the world into change.  Sort of brings new meaning to the words ‘ethnic cleansing’ doesn’t it?  Sort of brings all the slaughter and cleansing of Christians into new light doesn’t it?  Still think the Arab Spring wasn’t a plan set by the elites?

The world is not a safer place, the economy is not better than it’s ever been.  Have you been to the Grocery store lately?  What used to cost around $50.00 now is about $120.00.  You have to decide ‘do I want to pay the electric bill this week or eat?  Have you seen the lines of people trying to sell their food stamps for cash?  Just visit your local convienence store and watch.  If you live in a city like Phoenix have you watched after dark the number of those going through the garbage looking for food?

The Federal Reserve just announced that due to the slow world economy and China’s crash recently that it’s not touching the interest rate.  People are being denied the right to pull out their 401K’s, and we ignored the warnings that Greece’s demise sent, but hey Obama say’s everything is all right in the world.   If you have drank this kool-aid it’s time to wake up.  Although it may be too late, too late to change things, but not too late to prepare for what is coming.

The propaganda and mesmerizing speech from world leaders such as ours, are beginning to fall apart, but will you awaken in shock, or will you awaken prepared?  The ‘Hope and Change’ spoken of for the last 7 years has turned out to be sorrow, pain and chaos.  How could you not see this coming?  The watchmen have been warning for years.  And you chose to sleep on.  Much as predicted in the Bible.  You know the part where Jesus said people will be drinking, partying and marrying, business as usual?  Oh you didn’t think He meant us?  Well news flash, He did.  The blindness in part has happened, the virgins are asleep waiting for the bridegroom and they have no oil for their lamps.  The warnings to the churches in Revelation are exploding as modern day warnings, and the Church is snoring.


wake up2

Commentary by C. Refsland

Welcome mat photo:  By alborzshawn (Welcome) [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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