“Suffer The Little Children To Come Unto Me……” Part 1 Of Why We Must Teach Our Children The Bible VS The Koran

suffer children

This is the first in a series of Christianity VS. Islam, and will answer questions raised when the government seeks to teach our children instead of the parents.  When the Government controls what our children learn about foreign god’s and we do not something is seriously wrong.  When our Government bans the book that holds the words of God that we were founded on, something is very wrong.  When politicians say that our basic deep seated religious beliefs have to be changed to allow America to grow, and push to change doctrine something is very wrong.

To show the importance of children in God’s design Jesus rebuked the disciples when they attempted to keep children from coming to him.  Jesus told them, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Fast forward to today.  Western nations haven’t a clue what’s in store for our children.  Here in America they have changed all curriculum to meet the standards of the politically correct left, atheists, Islamists and the homosexual community.  Placating all of the above.

Have you noticed that the Islamic population, no matter how tolerant or good you think they are will not assimilate into our culture?  On the surface it appears they are just another neighbor.  But do you really know, what they believe?  Do you hear the Islamists say the Bible is a Holy book?  The Bible should be read and attention given to the details.  That it is inspiring truth?  Do you hear them admit that the Bible is of historical significance?   Do you know the book they follow?  These are all questions you should ask yourself if you have school age children.

Let’s begin with some basics about Islam.  They do believe in Jesus however they do not believe that Jesus is the Son of God.  They do not believe he is the Messiah.  As the Authors of the “Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Koran” points out They believe that Jesus will return to do final battle with Satan. They believe that Jesus will “break the cross”, and demand that Christians follow the Islamic Messiah who will be a descendant of Muhammad.

This statement alone should give rise to serious questions:  “the New Testament is no longer an accurate representation of the Gospel of Jesus.”  They believe the Bible to be corrupt, and offer much politically correct and scholarly knowledge on why this is so.

As Christians we believe that the Bible is the infallible word of God, period.  The Bible is not corrupt as they would have us believe.  As a previous new ager I can guarantee you this is not their belief alone.  The Bible has been under attack since the beginning.  New agers, Atheists, Islamists, and a host of others such as progressives and humanists believe the same.

One question that should be pondered is what would make so many Christians fall away from Christ and the word of God as predicted in Revelation?  This is the perfect and only answer, to twist the Gospel and God’s word so much that it will confuse, disorient and throw all off balance.  Just as is predicted in the New Testament, “it will deceive even the elect if that were possible.”  So what would deceive even the elect?  It’s simple really.  A mirror Gospel that uses a mantra of ‘peace & safety’ just as predicted.

In fact Islam is attempting to portray that they believe the same as us, they are tolerant, they are peaceful, and their prophet was the last of the prophets and should be believed instead of all those before.  Including Jesus.

Even Islamic believers who are Arabic speaking are discouraged from reading translations of the text.  When you read these passages it is very obvious that it is a mirror image of the Gospel of Christ, with twists throughout.  Take this passage for instance, sounds peaceful and harmless enough.   Passage from the Koran 2:25 (Muhammad) tell the righteously striving believers of the happy news, that for them there are gardens wherein streams flow.  Whenever they get any fruit from the gardens as food, they will say, “This is just what we had before (we came here).  These fruits are produced very much like them (those we had before). “They will have purified spouses and it is they who will live forever.

So this is a passage describing paradise for believers. Even giving them eternal life.   Fruit, gardens as in the Garden of Eden.  But look at the end of this passage about their purified spouses.  Then look at Jesus’ teaching when the disciples asked him if they would be married in heaven.  Matthew 22:29-30 “You are in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God.  At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven.”

Now they say that the Bible is corrupt and we can’t believe what it says about Jesus.  Are we to believe that the Koran is the only text from God?  That’s exactly what they believe and would have us believe.  Yet they use these scriptures from the Koran to confuse and deceive.  Now take this passage from a religion that say’s they are monotheistic:  2:21 People, worship your Lord who created you and those who lived before you, so that you may become pious.  Worship God who has rendered the earth as a floor for you and the sky as a dome for you and has sent water down from the sky to produce fruits for your sustenance.  Do not knowingly set up anything as an equal to God.  Again harmless enough, and mirrors the commandment from God to have no graven images, or I am the Lord your God, you will have no other god’s before me.  Well, then why have they set up Mohammed to be as god?  Why do they kill anyone who denies him?  Why do they worship a black stone instead of God?

Here is a prayer offered by Mullah’s at a Canadian mosque:  “O Allah, give victory to our brothers, the Muslims the oppressed, the tyrannized and the ‘Mujahideen’ (those who fight the Jihad) around the world.  O Allah, pour patience upon Muslims strengthen their feet and give them victory over non-Muslims.  That is from Abdool Hamid a Saudi trained Imam.  It was from Jan.9, 2015.   Did you catch that?  They pray for the soldiers of Allah, who are fighting across the world to have victory over non- Muslims.  Christians pray for the light of Christ and salvation to be shown to Muslims.  Stark difference isn’t it?

And the first page of the Holy book of Islam lays out the tenets of Islam and say’s that you cannot be a Muslim unless you believe in Islam and you either believe in Islam voluntarily or by force or you will be killed.

The Shahada from: Thuluth script from the flag of Saudi Arabia (Wikimedia Commons Public domain)

The Shahada from: Thuluth script from the flag of Saudi Arabia (Wikimedia Commons Public domain)

When you become a Muslim you must recite the Shadada.  It’s the basic of the Islamic faith.  “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.”  The word Shahada translates into testimony, Shahada is a statement of both ritual and worship.  It has been said to whisper the Shahada to a newborn so this is the first words they hear.  One report say’s that middle school children in Tennessee were assigned homework to write the Shahada.  What’s more is that anyone can become a Muslim simply by reciting the Shahada, but it’s more important to cite it in public.  So our children are not only being taught the basics of Islam they are fooled into worship.   Imagine if Muslim children were asked to recite and memorize the Bible verse where Jesus said “I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the father except through me.”????  Or what if they were asked to recite a simple prayer like “Come Lord Jesus be our guest, let these gifts to us be blessed.”?????  Or what if they were asked to recite the “Hail Mary”????  There would be an uprising as in Islamic countries.  CAIR loves to join with the ACLU in this country to quickly squash any mention of Christianity.  Soon we will not be able to speak out.  Soon it will be considered Blasphemy even in Western countries.

So here are just a few of the differences between Islam and Christianity, and do you really believe they could merge and become one?  Do you want your children to learn that Allah is god and Muhammad is the messenger ( Messiah) not Jesus?  Do you want this confusion taught in our schools?  At least with the Jewish population the Bible is a historical document to show our Jewish heritage.  Muslim’s as a whole refuse to recognize the Jewish history saying in most cases the Jew’s have no history with God.  And they refuse to recognize the Bible as a historical record.

I have spoken with Christians who live in Islamic countries and they are warning us in America not to let this be taught in our schools.  They know first hand what the Koran stands for, they know what Islam is first hand.  Why has the West chose not to listen to them?  Why is there a movement in America for Christians to merge and worship together?  Why is the left changing our common core (pun intended) and replacing it with studies on the Koran using the politically correct language of diversity?

One such Christian say’s this:  “Americans don’t know about Muslims.” They are living among them, and say “if you feed them and save them for 100 years, they will say thanks but when you say anything against them or tell them that they are wrong they will turn on you in 1 second.”

They are pleading with us to save Christianity, and save Christians.  These Christians live with the Muslims, they cry with them, they celebrate with them, and over and over again they say Americans and Europeans have no idea of these people.  They understand, they say, Christians are Christians and Muslims are Muslims and that it’s black and white to them.  So why can’t we see this?  Why are we allowing a Country that has Christian and Jewish values to instruct the children of the same, in a religion that is so very different.  Why are we teaching our children that Allah is the same God that we worship?  Christians from Islamic lands are very concerned about Children.  They take our Bible very serious.  They take God’s word to raise a child the way he should go and he will not depart from it very serious.  The Apostles took this serious, if they hadn’t we wouldn’t have Christianity today.

This was an introduction to why we have to unite and speak out about the indoctrination of our children.  The next post will have more perspectives from our brethren who are witnessing and have experienced this religion.  Those who have converted from Islam do so at great risk to their lives.  So it greatly offends them when we say that we worship the same god as Islam.  It deeply hurts them, as they know what the god of Islam is, they should they have worshiped him.

By C. Refsland

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