Will You Be An Overcomer Or A Succomber?


Watching the events unfold in Kentucky, today with Governor Huckabee there at a rally in front of the detention center, I couldn’t help but reflect.  Reflect on recent events here with the riots and hatred in Ferguson and other cities.  The chaos and damage those that protested wrought was not civilized let alone productive.

A Christian woman was arrested for exercising her religious freedom right.   The people of Kentucky elected her to the office of County Clerk.  The people of Kentucky have also previously stated they do not wish to honor same sex marriage.  That is the sovereign right of the states.  The Supreme Court decided that instead of upholding laws they would make new ones.  This alone should raise concern with every American, not just Christians.

Christians united in Kentucky and rallied to her defense.  The news covered it, they didn’t loot, burn, pillage, or destroy the town.  They held crosses in the air, and some held pro-life signs, but they stood united and in peace.  All Glory was given to a living God, our God.

While encouraging it’s still serious that the churches in America are silent and cower when two words are mentioned.  ‘Abortion, & Homosexuality.’  Two things that are abominable to our God, yet the church refuses to take a stand or even start a conversation about either.  I’ve heard all the back and forth about both these issues, and I will not debate.  Where the County Clerk is concerned, many have said they understand both sides, and this is not persecution.  But there is no understanding for the leftist liberals  of this issue.

There is no understanding when a Judge in this country has the power to arrest someone simply for their religious beliefs.  That’s the bottom line, and that’s it.  She was arrested for her belief, put in jail and told she would stay there until she changed her belief.  That’s the bottom line.  There is no other side.  No other opinions, spin it all you want, but the Judicial system in this country has morphed into a state run institution and not what they were set up to do.  Wake up, persecution is here, and it’s only going to get worse.  As this woman said today, take a stand, stand firm and don’t back down.  We serve a living God, and we can not back away from Him.

A small town in Tennessee is under fire with the Sheriff.  The Sheriff spoke at a local ‘tea party’ event, and was asked about activity by Burka Clad women at the local shops.  Off duty police hired as security at the local mall reported these women to exhibit strange behavior, taking pictures of the shops and never purchasing or shopping, just taking pictures.  It was reported to Homeland Security.  This talk was not centered on this but also on duties of the department.  One of the Party members asked if he had read the first page of the Koran?  And also told of a church in Ohio in which Muslims had went to the service and acted aggressively.  The Sheriff responded with “Our church’s will be protected, a lot of the churches here have people that’s in there that’s armed.  He did say  “President Obama is a Muslim, and belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood.”  He also said he would monitor local groups of Muslims, to counter any aggressive activity.  That’s it, that’s all he said.  And the ACLU and CAIR are after him.  When is it against the law or offensive to exercise our right of freedom of speech????

Schools across the country are indoctrinating our children in Islam while the Bible is banned.  The politically correct crowd can spin that too all they want and call it diversity and studies of ancient religions, but the fact is our children are being taught the Koran and Islam, while the Bible and Christianity are banned.  Wake up.

Persecution has reared it’s ugly head in America and it’s time to recognize it.  May God give us His Grace and Mercy.  May we have strength, courage and endurance as Jesus commanded us.  In His commands to the church’s in Revelation he say’s “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.  To him who overcomes, I will give the right to eat from the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God.  Will you be a overcomer or a succumber?  Will you overcome and stay true to the Gospel or will you succumb to the temptations of the world and the commands of men instead of God?  It’s time to decide.

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3 replies

  1. Amen! Debate time is OVER!

    The lukewarm and apostate “church” wants endless debate so they will not have to take a stand for The LORD+ Whose Name they still dare to use on their buildings. Their hearts are FAR from HIM+. In VAIN they use HIS Name, teaching as doctrine politically-correct words of men.

    It is so obvious that an Islamic trojan horse is sitting in D.C., placed there by the same group that has decided that it is time to begin persecuting the Christians in America. If any BAD, “orchestrated” event should take place, ( most of the readers know what I mean), Then Mr. President will be in office until further notice.

    True Christians MUST prepare themselves to STAND STRONG in the face of satan’s slaves who are at the helm. Know that GOD’S Judgment is on America. The “Handwriting is on the wall.” It is weighed in the balance and found lacking!

    Let GOD arise and HIS+ enemies be scattered, to the Glory of HIS+ Holy Name.


  2. The Abomination Group LGBT MAFIA, they’re all Anti-Christian and Jewish People!!

    Our True GOD who art in HEAVEN DOES not Condone homosexuality and Abortion PERIOD!!

    Our True GOD CREATED ADAM and EVE!!

    Please PRAY for our Judeo-Christian Nation United States of America and Israel-Yisrael Everyday Everyone NOW!!

    Love Always and Shalom Everyone,




  1. Will You Be An Overcomer Or A Succomber? | State of Globe

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