Christians Arrested For Teaching About The Apostles: Reality Not Fiction


Imagine if you will, your Pastor preaching his Sunday sermon and he mentions the Apostle Paul.  I mention the Apostles on a regular basis in my blog as do all Christian writers.  Well, imagine being arrested for blasphemy simply because you mentioned the word Apostle in reference to Paul or Peter or the other Apostles.  That’s just what is happening in Pakistan today.  Not in Roman times but today, in a modern society and world whose governing body (the UN) say’s the world is a more tolerant and peaceful place to co-exist.   In fact the current leader of the free world say’s this on a regular basis.  Of course he and other western leaders ignore the fact that Christians are being slaughtered, and other minorities are also being tortured, raped, beheaded, and crucified.  Crucified, for heavens sake.  And yet many deny that there is tribulation unfolding.  Many Christians in the west are so caught up in defending their new doctrine  that they can not see the handwriting on the wall.  Jack Hayford a prominent Christian Pastor say’s that Christians in America can’t ignore the fact that our brethren are being slaughtered and he warns that it is coming here.  I agree.

It’s time for the world leaders to quit coddling these countries that deny even the basic human rights and demand that they come into the 21st Century.  Until they do the Daesh will continue to ravage the world, and reality is  that we are heading into the times spoken of by Jesus in Revelation like a runaway train.

A Protestant Pastor and other Christians accused of blasphemy

(Fides Agency) Protestant Christian Pastor Aftab Gill and three other Christians from Gujrat, in Punjab, Pakistan, have been accused of blasphemy. They are accused of having used the word “rasool” (apostle) during an event made public by their community, the “Biblical Church of God”. According to local Muslims the use of the word “rasool” is considered blasphemous because the term is used as an attribute of the Prophet Muhammad. Unitan Gill, Pastor Aftab’s younger brother, was arrested but, as reported to Fides, the NGO CLAAS (Centre for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement) has managed to get bail.
According to local Christians, Muslims were angry and were planning to burn the houses and the church of the Christians but, thanks to the timely intervention of the police, the situation did not degenerate in a tradgedy. Some Christian families are still fleeing for safety reasons.
Nasir Saeed, director of CLAAS notes that “the word rasool was used several times in the Bible in Urdu as a translation of ‘apostles’ and ‘followers’, and therefore the Christians had no blasphemous intention”.

Time for the body of Christ to take a stand and BOLDY proclaim, I AM NOT ASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST!


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  2. That this sort of incident is coming to Babylon America is obvious to any who care to look. With the government and the courts defending islam, and defending sin, it is only a matter of time before Christians are placed under censorship. If the Christians refuse to stop speaking Truth they will be prosecuted severely.

    I saw where the police chief of NYC along with a large group of his officers went to join in ” worship ” in a mosque as a gesture of acceptance with the muslims of that city. They said it was the “changing demographics” of the city. Obviously the police chief cares NOTHING for CHRIST or for TRUTH. Many main line churches would no doubt FEEL THE SAME!

    Thousands of muslims are pouring into the U.S., being welcomed with open arms by the lying “government”. The say they cannot even do background checks on them. Too many and no funding for background checks, they say. On the other hand we have 23 Iraqi Christian families fleeing the Christian Genocide taking place there with the FULL KNOWLEDGE of this government, BEING HELD IN DETENTION CENTERS in San Diego for 4 to 6 MONTHS! Just 23 families!! Funds are available for detaining the Christians! That is the FEW that are being allowed in.


    May the LORD GOD reward them according their works!


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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