When The World Cries For The Western Nations Something Is Wrong

I’ve poured over the latest news and it’s so disturbing that words can not even describe it.  Countries such as Nigeria and even Pakistan are in bewilderment over the practices that Western Nations most especially the US are painting as wonderful, and magnificent.  When the powerful Nations in the world who represent peace, and morality are themselves practicing darkness and igniting the world with fire, something is very wrong.

In one of Pakistan’s top posts today an author is in distress over the rape of a 7 year old girl that was strangled and left to die.

Photo: Dawn

Photo: Dawn

Pakistan is one of the top abusers of women and rape victims.  but when there is more outrage over a lion that was killed than the rape of a child, even they recognize that something is wrong.  The persecutions of Christians in Pakistan are horrendous.  How can the west demand that these countries do away with barbaric practices and laws such as the Blasphemy law when we are committing atrocities much worse.  Or when our priorities are so mixed up that we put almost anything above life.  How can the life of a lion garner more sympathy, empathy and outrage than the murder of a child?  That’s an easy answer when you know that millions of babies are killed each year simply because a woman has a right to choose.  This is not a debate it’s fact.

Another report from a Nigerian woman leaves Nigerian’s shaking their heads wondering where is the outrage for the barbaric practices once performed in the dark by medicine men that slaughtered unborn babies and even newborn babies that were unwanted.

Photo from Aleteia

Photo from Aleteia

The left in the West has deceived so many by outright lying and with their politically correct language that most are asleep.  Women have long fought for equal rights, and I acknowledge that.  I think it’s wonderful that women are recognized for their abilities, rather than discrimination.  However the odious language that they use to defend their position on the selling of body parts from aborted fetuses is truly an abomination.  They can deny it all they want, they can laud it all they want that anyone who disagrees with them is starting a war on women, but the truth is, it is a war on women.  It’s a war to deceive women into thinking it’s ok to kill another human.  This is where the real war is.  That women are used as pawns to allow evil practices that were squashed in uncivilized nations, now civilized, is in itself a crime against humanity.

The humanistic, athiestic, views that we are god’s and we can do as we please is nothing but satanic and has been around since the beginning of time.  Starting with Eve.


Women in the Middle East and Africa are being sold into marriages, forced slavery, female mutilations and the war on women is whether or not they can have federal money to slaughter, and sell God’s creation?  What is wrong with us?

The world is watching us, as our voices are silenced and ancient dark practices banned in other parts of the world are resurrected in the West.  Simply because it’s trumpeted as a humanist view that we are so important that our pleasures and sins are more important than society as a whole.

Commentary by C. Refsland


When a poached lion gets more attention than the rape of a minor

“Abominable Evil”: An African Perpective on Planned Parenthood

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  1. Amen Sister. I noticed that the Senate failed to block funding to Planned Parenthood ( even the name is a twisted lie ). Mr. President said that he would veto any blocking that might have been passed.

    This is all being watched by the other nations, as you have stated.

    When America is destroyed they will nod their heads and say, ” It HAD to happen because of the gross evil they promoted and practiced.”

    When will the “power base” of the “10 kings” be destroyed?

    Who can make war with the “beast” ?

    There is ONE+ Who CAN and WILL.

    At the appointed time vengeance will be taken for every murdered unborn child. Those who practice child murder and those who give their approval to it will come into Judgment for their CRIMES.

    This is only one sin that Mystery Babylon supports and condones. It also tears apart other people’s homes and nations and dispenses with them as easily as they do the unborn humans.

    Can a NATION BE ABORTED ? Can a NATION be torn up and cut into pieces?

    As that nation has done to others who are so helpless, The LORD GOD will do so to THEM.

    To GOD’S Children: HIDE YOURSELF IN HIM+ until the indignation has passed. Strength to the Called-Out ones.

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