Dire Consequences Of The Iran Deal & What Catastrophie’s It Brings To The Middle East



President Obama and the West through proxy wars and demands and the new deal with Iran is slicing their way  to a New World Order and plunging the Middle East into an inferno to drag them along and in their zeal to control have even pitted Russia and China against the West.  This is not a new revelation.  Those watching have known this for some time.  But now as info surfaces and the threats begin, Obama’s almost prophetic statement rings truer than ever:  “The conflict we are fanning right now could engulf us all in flames.” (More)  He said this as he declared that the Arab states must cooperate and talk with the Persians.  They know full well what they have done.  God help us.

middle east on fire

Saudi Prince Threatens ‘Military Action Without American Support’ Against Iran (Read here)

“Throughout the Middle East, Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shiite Iran compete for influence and supremacy via proxy wars in Yemen, Iraq and Syria. Produced by Reem Makhoul, Mark Scheffler and Arielle Ray.”

Meantime as the UN unanimously accepts the Iran deal, as we are throwing allies to the wind Iran is still spewing vitriol against the US and Israel.  Iran will not change their ultimate goal to control the Middle East, Jerusalem and the world, or to destroy Israel and the US.  And the irony is Obama say’s they don’t have to change.

Time to wake up.

Commentary by C. Refsland

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  1. They are working the PLAN! We can see them doing it! Human life and suffering means NOTHING to these slaves of satan.

    Mr President is the “front-man”, the “puppet-mouth” that simply relates the orders he is told to give. The goal is to CONTROL all who can be controlled, and to do away with all who will not submit the “PLAN”.

    We are seeing it happen. The majority of Americans don’t seem too concerned. It seems like it is the ancient “bread and circuses” routine. Or in this case, loads of junk-food and lots of silly entertainment, Keep the populace happy and they will go along with anything!.

    As you well stated, LORD GOD, HEAVENLY FATHER, help your Children through this endtime struggle.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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