Making America an Islamic State



The video below exposes a plan being worked out by the U.S. State Department, the C.I.A., and the U.N. to place hundreds of thousands of muslim refugees into the U.S, without any screening of their backgrounds.


I have no problem with true refugees being given shelter and any assistance. However, the problem comes with allowing those to enter in whose “religious” background makes it mandatory for them to kill all Christians and Jews and ANY who will not submit to the demon they serve and sharia law.


As you will note in the video, this plan is 35 years old, implemented at a time when there were almost no muslim refugees. How did they know there would be hundreds of thousands of muslim refugees 35 years later? This speaks of DIABOLICAL pre-planning involving untold numbers of human lives and suffering. It is an AGENDA being purposely worked out, and is long term. 

The video is below;



Here is a question; Why — with all of these muslim refugees being brought in to the U.S. and given privileges and financial assistance — WHY are there NO CHRISTIANS being rescued from the detention centers in Thailand? Why is the U.N. NOT providing help for the Christians who are being systematically slaughtered in the Middle East?

 I submit to you that this is a PART of the over-all agenda of long-term control of that part of the world by those who are anti-christ and anti-Christian. They do not want Christians in the picture. The “10 kings – 10 horns” that the dragon is using to make war with the LAMB+ and HIS+ Disciples are doing their work!


Again I want to say that I am not opposed to helping refugees. I AM OPPOSED TO NOT GIVING ANY HELP TO THE SUFFERING CHRISTIANS. The government in the U.S. KNOWS WHAT IT IS DOING. It has and is betraying the people of America. It is accountable. The BILL IS COMING DUE FOR AMERICA!


All followers of The LORD JESUS/YESHUA, prepare your hearts. As HE+ was treated by the government and the religious leaders, so in this same way YOU will be treated. 



May The LORD+ grant HIS+ Strength and Wisdom to HIS+ called-out Disciples. Amen + + + 

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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