The Group Calling For The Court Martial Of A Maj. Gen. Also Say’s That Christians Pose The Same Threat That ISIS Does

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Screen shot

An Air Force general who recently spoke about how God has guided his career should be court-martialed, a civil liberties group is saying.  In a speech at a National Day of Prayer Task Force event on May 7, Maj. Gen. Craig Olson credits God for his accomplishments in the military, and refers to himself as a “redeemed believer in Christ.”  The Air Force Times reports that the Military Religious Freedom Foundation has taken issue with Olson’s remarks, is calling for the two-star general to be court-martialed and “aggressively and very visibly brought to justice for his unforgivable crimes and transgressions.”

Watch the video of Maj. Gen. Olson’s speech via Air Force general who spoke of God in talk should be court-martialed, group says | Fox News.

Ok that’s just about enough.  I take issue with the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.  They should be brought before a court and made to answer why they are undermining the very constitutional rights given us by our Founding Father’s and the Constitution of the United States.  What are they?

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) is a watchdog group and advocacy organization founded in 2005 by Michael Weinstein. The group’s stated goals are to “ensure that members of the United States Armed Forces receive the Constitutional guarantee of religious freedom to which they are entitled by virtue of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.”

Weinstein describes the group’s target as “a small subset of Fundamentalist Christianity that’s called premilliennial, dispensational, reconstructionist, dominionist,fundamentalist, or just Dominionist Christianity.”   In 2012, Weinstein received total compensation worth $273,355 according to IRS filings accessed on the nonprofit transparency website GuideStar

In November 2014 press release, Weinstien alleged that Christians in America could “pose the same kind of threat” as the terrorist group ISIS does in the Middle East.

MRFF has been listed as an Anti-Christian Bigotry Group by the American Family Association as of March 2015 for “[filing] lawsuits and [using] intimidation to silence any reference to Christianity from the public square.”

So the group’s goals are to ensure that members of the US Armed Forces receive the Constitutional gaurantee of religious freedom.  Hello!  Unless you are a Christian that is.  It’s time for American Christians to stand up and say enough, enough hands off our religious liberties.

Maj. Gen. Olson made a speech on God TV giving God the credit for his work and his family,  and this is what they are so enraged about.  God Bless this Man!

Maj. Gen. Olson say’s we can right these persecutions brought on against our Constitutional rights by returning to our Moral Compass.  Is America’s Moral Compass broken?  I agree with Rabbi Cahn, it’s time to pray for God to open eyes, and bring repentance to this Country.

America's Moral Compass Is Broken

America’s Moral Compass Is Broken

C. Refsland

Credit to Wikipedia, Wikimedia.

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  1. Orthodox Christianity is becoming illegal in America. In America your are “free” to murder your unborn child, male and female Sodomites are free to “marry” each other, pornographic trash is the norm in American movies and T.V. and music, but this man CANNOT OPENLY CONFESS CHRIST JESUS AND GIVE HIM+ THE THANKS AND CREDIT FOR THE BLESSINGS OF HIS LIFE

    If this man had been a muslim NOTHING would have been said! In fact the MSM would probably have put it on every outlet they could.

    True Christianity is being OUTLAWED in America. I have even heard Vladimir Putin openly confess and acknowledge CHRIST!! Its on film in front of a group of international leaders, and other places too! America is in DEEP trouble!

    Repentance must come SOON at HIGH LEVELS. The Repentance will have to be as OPEN and IMMENSE as the GROSS SIN and IMMORAL REBELLION has been.

    America has lifted its fist in GODS Face and challenged HIM+ to DO something. Very soon America will wish they had not done that. Pitiful LITTLE America. It has made itself a stench with its hatred and mockery of The Gospel of Life, and rejection of The SON+ of GOD..

    May The LORD our GOD help HIS Faithful Children who live here in America. May HE+ protect the American Christians from America itself!

    For the Church Prayer and Fasting is the order of the day.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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