Have You Heard The Latest From President Obama?

Screen Shot from video played during Presidential speech of Obama playing golf on top of the White House

Screen Shot from video played during Presidential speech of Obama playing golf on top of the White House

As I listened to the Correspondents dinner at the White House last night, it made me physically ill.  I didn’t think that I could be more shocked or appalled by this Administration but every day it gets worse.  The mockery and narcissism that this President and Administration exhibit embarrasses me, and for the first time in my life I am embarrassed for my Country.  All this Administration can do is mock and taunt our Country and Constitution.  This behavior and speech was appalling for the leader of the free world.  And if this mockery wasn’t enough, he held true to his colors and didn’t miss a chance to mock Christianity again.  He said this about his relationship with Joe Biden:  “I love that man,” Obama said. “We’ve gotten so close that some places in Indiana won’t serve us pizza any more,” a reference to Indiana’s recent religious freedom law that angered LGBT rights activists.

When life gets hard and the Republicans are cramping his style, Obama’s decided to just “bucket” — or at least another phrase that rhymes with it. It’s a new policy he’s decided on in the fourth quarter of his presidency.

via 2015 White House Dinner: Barack Obama top 10 jokes – CNNPolitics.com.

Now this mockery as distasteful as it is, is showing how this man has singlehandedly made the office of the President of the United States a laughing stock of the world.  As he mocks Christians who hold to their faith about marriage between a man and a woman, an Oregon couple has been issued a huge fine for holding to their belief and refusing to make a cake with homosexual images.  The complainants say they suffered severe damages, like feeling mentally raped, unable to sleep, starting smoking again.  This has nothing to do with discrimination.  This is an attack on Christianity.  While gay’s in the Middle East are stoned to death, (read here) these women said they were scarred for life because someone said they didn’t agree with their lifestyle.  Hello.   And while Obama refused to send help to Nigeria to fight Boko Haram unless they embraced homosexuality, nothing, no condemnation for ISIS who stoned 2 men for being homosexual.  Is it any wonder that people have said Obama will bring about the end of days?


President Obama’s Full Speech at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner (Video)

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  1. Another outstanding commentary, CJ. It’s most heart-wrenching to see this TRANSPARENT lawlessness continue without anyone in leadership lifting a righteous voice to uncompromisingly condemn it. Impeach? No we can’t because of the fear that many black people will riot (that’s the truth, IMHO). So much for that avoidance (it’s now happening…regardless). This lawlessness from the ‘president’ will spread to all corners of society if he is not removed from office. Dog and pony show Washington hearings on this man’s malfeasant administration must come to a conclusion with charges against all guilty of criminality and institutionalized thuggery.


    • Yes, you are spot on. Sad really and those of us who have been watching and warning are sickened. It’s happening just as predicted. Some are waking up, but it’s too late. Our hope is in the Lord, now. Thanks for your voice and for sharing.


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  3. C.J just reflecting on your article again I realise that history is repeating itself as in nazi Germany when they began to marginalize the Jewish people before full out condemnation. We are slowly being targeted for the coming of the anti christ which is here.

    If we remain in the Lord(in same boat) we an weather the storm. For he is able to bring us through all. He is the creator word.

    May our lord give us strength through his grace for coming storm.


  4. Yes C.J.. There pride has over taken them and aligned themselves with darkness. The enemy uses them to mock believers.


  5. Galatians 6:7
    Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap.

    I am not surprised. What else could one expect that has darkness dwelling within him? Need I say more….remember the vision Sister. God bless


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  7. twclark66………… You said it! A reprobate by choice and we know what fate that gets a person……. Amen to your comment


  8. ALL that obama said was true . AND what he said he was going to do . HE didnt tell you all of it .HE knows the people doesnt want him as presdent . BUT he still wants to stay in power . he though up a plan and it can work. Those who will run against me if they have money but wants the power that goes with it . if they are as bad as he is . the people will think they must vote for one of them. OR not vote for anyone of them . Any way he will win . Clinton is one that will run against him . THIS is his first chose. A wise man or women never gets mad . so thats leaves hillery out . bad chose for the people . good chose for him . LETS see who else HE will chose to run against him. IF you say he cant be presdent again you are makeing a bad mistake because he can . IF nobody votes he stays in power and 4 more years of the S——— of 8yrs. ago intell he finshes his last 4 yrs. WE will have to eat the next s 4 yrs. What we have eaten for 8 yrs. WE the PEOPLE must refuse before we vote


  9. He is just a walking talking Reprobate and a PsyOp to depress good Americans while his self-radicalized American Terrorist Mentor friend Bill Ayers are licking at the chops for a chance to destroy America.


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