The US Left Say’s The War On Women Is On-Totally Oblivious To The Real War On Women

Forced marriages, rapes, servitude, slavery and torture is reality for so many women in the Middle East.

Screen shot

Screen shot

The real war on women is not raging in the US, it’s not raging because women are denied birth control in the US or abortion funding, it’s raging in countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. And womens rights groups are so busy making sure every woman in the west has free abortion they are blind and oblivious to the persecution of women. Unfortunately this happens all to often in these countries. May God shed His mercy to the innocent in these Muslim lands where ‘Sharia law’ reigns. And the persecution of women, children, Christians, and other minorities is raging like a wild fire.

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  1. A complete nightmare for this poor woman. The only thing I see that is right here is this woman’s sacrificing her happiness for her little girls protection.

    This is “justice” according to the quran? This is Islamic peace? If so for whom? For the raping, murdering men? Certainly NOT for the women who are their victims.

    I pray that millions who are trapped in the Islamic system of painful lies will flee from that brutal and demonic system to The Light of The Eternal SON of GOD for True Peace and rest.

    AS for the U.S,, the only war on women that is on going here is the war to see that gender totally destroyed by nullifying every protection The LORD GOD has put in place for their safekeeping.

    For the males satan is using another route, tough, thug-like, stone hearted, lust filled maniacs. But the result is the same. The TOTAL DESTRUCTION of the Adamic race.

    For The Called-Out ones, lift up the Sword of the Spirit and the Shield of Faith against these servants of satan and stand strong.


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