Hillary Clinton Pushes Abortion in First Speech as Candidate

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Here we go.  Not only did she condemn the Supreme Court for the Hobby Lobby ruling.  She also say’s this speaking about Abortion (what she calls ‘Reproductive healthcare’):  “All the laws we passed don’t count for much unless they are enforced….. She ended this statement with “Cultural codes, religious beliefs, and structural biases have to be changed.  Hello.  Change religious beliefs?  Is she God?  Is she a prophet?  We haven’t endured enough change?  We’ve seen the law about marriage changed.  We’ve seen healthcare forcing employers to provide free birth control and abortion, and that’s just 2 changes we’ve seen, and now we are to change our religious beliefs and what she calls structural biases?  Obama said it best “Fundamentally change America.”  The definition of fundamental is:  forming a necessary base or core; of central importance.  So you get the idea.  Change the essential part of a solid foundation.  The foundation that America was based on.  The morals and codes of conduct have been thrown to the wind, and the hope and change put in it’s place is a raving maniacal madness.   I don’t even recognize my country anymore.

(Life News) Hillary Clinton made it clear that, if she is elected president of the United States, she will push unlimited abortion on demand. In her first speech as a presidential candidate, Clinton said too many women are “denied” abortions, even though the United States allows abortions virtually for any reason any time during pregnancy up to the day of birth in many states.  Speaking at the sixth annual Women in The World Summit, Clinton used the same euphemisms with the feminist group that pro-abortion organizations do. Phrases like reproductive rights and reproductive health — code words for abortion — make Clintons pro-abortion agenda clear. Watch the video and read the full article via Hillary Clinton Pushes Abortion in First Speech as Candidate: Too Many Women “Denied” Abortions | LifeNews.com.

It’s time for Christians, and churches everywhere to say enough.  We’ve had enough change and hope.  We don’t want our beliefs and structural doctrine changed.  Hands off our Religious beliefs.  Our constitution grants us freedom to worship as we wish.  Enough is enough.  This same woman who admits to creating Al-queda, who said “What difference does it make?”, when Americans died in Libya.  Who said as she watched the assassination of Ghadafi, “We came we saw, he died”  and then laughed with a maniacal roar, is  actually thinking she should be our leader?  What have we become.  It’s time to wake up.

Ecclesiastes 12:14

For God will bring every deed into judgment, with every secret thing, whether good or evil.

Exodus 20:13

“You shall not murder.”

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13 replies

  1. The mask is really coming off now, isn’t it? I guess they figure we’re so corrupted by now we won’t notice. Well, I notice.


  2. WELL I have to go along with hillary on this one,WE do need to enforce our LAWS,…OUR TREASON LAWS FIRST,and the others later…HEY maybe she would like to be the first one hanged for treason????


  3. The lady and her husband are nothing but RUBBISH and the other one is a rapist.


  4. 153:5 project……….. Yes! It is surely a tactic to score votes with like minds of destroying basically the human race if they could……….. Definitely sickening and outside of Gods righteousness. God Bless You.


  5. Gone are the days of innocence when the Love of God was present yet among the people……. Killing of infants was NEVER in HIS plan for man…….Thank You for the wake up call many need to consider before destroying more lives by making a WRONG VOTE!
    God Bless You.


  6. You wrote: “Hands off our Religious beliefs. Our constitution grants us freedom to worship as we wish.”.

    Actually The Bill of Rights protects freedom of religion of which worship is a part. Never allow anyone to tell you we only have the right to “worship” we have the right to free express of our religion.

    Good article, God Bless you!


  7. This woman seems to love murder, of both adults and unborn children!

    Mr. President has given his approval saying he thought she would make a great president! Wow! What a recommendation!!

    Remember though, Ms. C.H. has already recommended “Happy-Camps” for Adults! I’m certain she would have well qualified staff in those camps to “assist” in attitude and belief adjustment! All professional too! No problem. Methods just like those used a few decades ago in another location. Some say that these “Happy Camps” are already in place!!

    Once again the TARGET is the “House of Israel”, those who refuse to bow the knee to their baal, or to kiss its filthy image. Not all will be considered worthy tp participate in this “new” America. Those must be eliminated if not “adjustable”.

    However, some surprises are ahead for these devils who are planning this. They are not so clever after all. .Their end is DESTRUCTION. Those who have dug the pit will fall headlong into it.


    • This woman origionally came from a Methodist background as a child & teenager! Now she is a staunch liberal-lefty, femmenist! Just like in Second Peter & Jude it talks about apostates & Hilary is an apostate !!!! Just like North Korea’s first communist leader came from a Presbeterian family & had a grandfather who was a church pastor & Stalin was in an Eastern Orthodox seminary, Hilary is America’s version of this!!!!


  8. Whats sad is all the morons and fools who will vote for her, get an automatic ticket straight down below.


  9. Never, Hillary.
    Never will you or any of your Godless liberal friends succeed in altering my religious beliefs.

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  10. This was predictable but is still no less shocking. Using the hideous practice of abortion simply to score points with voters is the worst part. This literally makes me sick to my stomach.



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