President Obama Say’s The World Is Less Violent-We Just Need Persepective

I was so shocked when I saw this. I shouldn’t be, but I am. The MSM is beginning to pick up on and report the violence and choas spreading like a cancer in the Middle East and North Africa. Christians have been slaughtered in the hundreds of thousands, along with other minorities.   It’s hard to keep up with all the numbers, it’s happening that fast. In an Amnesty International  report that gives the state of the World,  there is a very different picture. A very bleak picture.   What difference does it make?  It makes a huge difference, this administration has manufactured so much propaganda and falsehoods that it makes Hitler pale in comparison.

So tell us again, how the world is less violent.  Time to wake up.  Denial will not make it go away, it only makes it worse.

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  3. When do you know when this man is lying?

    Answer: When his lips are moving.

    Surely this had to be part of the script he was told to read.

    One thing that might wake some people up is when violence takes place on their own loving area, their own backyard, but then it will be too late

    All that is going on at this time is like a TWIN of the times just prior to the Holocaust and government crushing of innocent people under its boot heel. It is quite frightening, but would be even more so if our LORD+ had not forewarned us about these events. Truly “the Days of Noah”

    We are the generation that must face these things and declare The Name of our LORD+. We need supernatural strength to STAND FIRM and OVERCOME the evil forces.

    Our HEAVENLY FATHER is making HIS Beloved SONS+ enemies HIS+ footstool. Watch and see. ( Psalm 110:1, Matthew 22:44 )


  4. There is a veil over the people, and only the knowledge of the truth of Christ can remove it! It is disheartening to see all the world accepts, but it has been for told of the perilous times we will live in just before the return of Christ……….. Sleep on in ignorance seems to be the going thoughts of the people. Some will wake up while others stay in their stupor. Very good article. Thank You for posting. God Bless You.


    • Amen sister Julia.. I have a lost associate who when confronted with how much violence there is in our country he uses these words: No there is not it is just being reported more. It is astounding how BLIND they are are.

      As it has been written by Hayden, until it happens right on their back doorstep they continue to walk as it was in the Days of Noah, blind, deafened and happy to drink, eat, be merry, continue to walk in their sins for tomorrow they die.

      As the words says a great delusion will put upon the world and so it is and so it must be and alas many will will find their eternity lives lost forever.

      Love come here and seeing what the Lord is highlighting to you and getting you to be his voices. Pray for you always.



      • Ian……….. IHear you Brother it is as though we are walking among the living/ dead, and I guess in a sense its not far from the truth as you say there is strong delusion over the people who refuse to accept the truth. We are living in a wilderness it feels where we see people and even if we speak they cannot see or hear what we’re saying….. John the Baptist knew how that felt. May God Bless and keep you always in HIS care. You too have been in my prayers as I think of my Brothers and Sisters in Christ.


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