ISIS Empire Continues To Grow & Thrive

isis horseback

For months now ISIS, Boko Haram, Al-queda, & Al shabob, most especially have formed a coalition government stretching from the Middle East to the Coasts of Africa. ISIS allegiances and coalitions strive for world dominance, and elimination of all Christians and minorities. They have vast control of lands in Syria, Iraq, and are expanding to Yemen, Sudan, Kenya, Nigeria, and Libya. They have a banking system, it has been reported that they have their own currency, and now they are issuing ID cards, birth certificates, land ownership certificates and Identity paperwork. Even License plates and drivers licenses.

(Excerpt from Israel National News)Observatory director Rami Abdel Rahman said issuance of the ID cards follows the introduction of a range of other administrative paperwork, including marriage and birth certificates, drivers’ licenses and car registrations. Land and building registration documents and permits were also being issued, he added. ISIS has seized large swathes of territory in Syria and Iraq since 2013 and declared an Islamic “caliphate” in the land under its control.

The thing that’s so prepossessing about this is that it’s eerily similar to prophecies in our Holy Book, the Bible.  That’s right, the government, that other kings surrender to, the one that demands complete and total servitude, worship and markings to show you worship it.  We have been warned and yet refuse to see what times we are in.  Yes Hitler formed the same type of scenario, now we have another that picked up where Hitler left off.  Satan will not stop until he foments the exact conditions that he feels will destroy mankind, his objective since the beginning of time.  As we watch the slaughter of our brethren in the Middle East and Africa, and we watch as even Russia and China are joining with the likes of Iran. Who has stated that it’s their goal to destroy Israel, and the West, and they will unite the Islamic world under a savior called the Mahdi complete with their version of a Jesus who will kill all who don’t convert.  It’s the first time in my lifetime anyway that conditions are ripe for the annihilation of the third of mankind spoken of by John in Revelation 9:15-21.  Let’s not dismiss all that is happening, examine it, and know the perilous times we are in.

Commentary: C. Refsland




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2 replies

  1. ISIS training/recruiting camps are on USA soil; and one is in TN!!! How knowingly aware is our government?

    God bless


  2. Yes! By all means, examine the Scriptures and see what is truly stated and do not dismiss it for the sake of a few minutes of comfort.

    Mr. President and the “puppet masters” are aiding and abetting ISIS and its tentacles in a big way. Protecting and caring for the people is NOT what he and they are about.

    Be spiritually alert and walk circumspectly, for the days are evil.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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