Yemen Conflict Reminiscent Of Mistakes Past Or New Ways To Wage War?

This is very disturbing news.  The numbers of innocents killed in this new conflict are staggering.  Over 500 killed in 2 weeks, including children.  And most of them seem to be innocents.  This is so reminiscent of Lybia, Syria, Nigeria, CAR, Somalia, and all points from the coasts of Africa to Iran.   This report states what I have been reporting for years.  That all groups are connected, and proxy wars abound.  New alliances are forming and new wars being waged, but without intelligence, this is what happens.   This is the first that we have heard that Saudi Arabia backs all the groups from ISIS to Boko Haram, but it’s not surprising.  After all the US created Al-Queda during the Afghanistan war to rid the area of Russia.  The Proxy war’s continue, and now Saudi Arabia is taking the lead.  I will be watching this closely.  For now suffice it to say the turmoil and chaos continues, and an evil ideology grows faster than a Cancer.

By C. Refsland

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  1. This is truly bad. Iran wants the Yemen area and possibly the control of Mecca and the Kaaba. The Houthis are fully backed and supported by Iran.

    I am watching since BOTH of these nations have cursed and hate Israel and say that “Israel needs to be wiped off the map”. Perhaps it is THEY who will be wiped off the map! Both of these countries, Saudi and Iran, are notorious for their inhumanity and atrocities and utter cruelty. The U.S. is helping the Saudis at present, coming to their assistance when summoned. This could get VERY BAD and widespread.

    Yes. It is the innocent that suffer in these proxy wars. Most have no where to run to. The sorrow is almost unbearable. I also just found out that ISIS has blown up a Christian Church on Resurrection Sunday in Northeastern Syria. I have not been able to determine if the worshippers were still inside the church or not. It was reported that the jihadists set off the explosives from inside the structure.

    May The LORD GOD of Israel protect HIS+ Children.



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