What Lies Ahead For Nigeria?


With Nigerian news media reporting on election results in some places in Nigeria, and others protesting irregularities.   I have to reflect again, what lies ahead for Nigerians, darkness or light?  I have poured over numerous reports, listened to talk shows, and news programs and it’s overwhelming.  The accusations and rumors that abound about both candidates that the people of Nigeria are voting on.  It appears that most votes have been cast, leaving a question.  Did they go to the polls informed, or did they go to the polls for promised change?  Which leads to another question, what kind of change will they bring about?  It has been proven that Buhari has a very checkered past, ruling with an iron fist, and retaliating or at least leaving the impression that he was retaliating against opponents.  He has connections to Boko Haram, albeit quiet connections and he has been connected to the Janjaweed.  It has also been reported with reliable news outlets that our very own David Axelrod’s company has been in Nigeria helping with a campaign. (Read here) It has also been widely reported that Obama once told Nigeria that no help would be forthcoming from the US unless and until Nigeria changed it’s stance on Homosexuality.

The country does not allow or recognise LGBT rights. There is no legal protection against discrimination in Nigeria— a largely conservative country of more than 170 million people, split between a mainly Muslim north and a largely Christian south. Very few LGBT persons are open about their orientation, and violence against LGBT people is frequent.

I can totally understand why tolerance is needed and violence quelled, but to threaten a country that unless they recognize homosexual marriage we will not help you, is bordering on blackmail,  a terroristic action.  This is not Democracy or Freedom.

Then there is the pressure from Western leaders for Goodluck Jonathon to negotiate with Boko Haram, because they are just misunderstood and need a voice in government.  Really?  And what kind of government would that look like?  It would be a Sharia law, a religious law, and it’s government would forbid any other practice.  Democracy and Sharia law does not mix.  That’s why Boko Haram, ISIS and all other groups have gone on this murderous rampage to eliminate any other law.   Here is a quote made by Buhari in past years regarding Boko Haram.


Buhari has in the past openly stated that he would bring in Sharia law to the entire country, although the press there has scrambled recently to say that’s not what he meant.  John Kerry met with Buhari weeks before the election.  But nothing in the press about him meeting with Goodluck Jonathon.

The quotes by Buhari are very telling and disturbing.  What lies ahead for Nigeria?  Time will tell.  What lies ahead for Goodluck Jonathon under a Buhari government?  I’m afraid to ask.  He also said that “Christians should not worry about muslims chopping off their hands under sharia law, it’s none of their business.”  But of course denies saying that.  Will Nigeria fall to Sharia law?  One can only speculate, but the hope, & change promised by Buhari leaves us shivering with what that could mean.

Boko Haram attacked again yesterday in the north, killing over 40 people, with reports saying they beheaded them with chainsaws after they shot them, and burned the village of Buratai. (More) Pushing people away from the polls.  There has been reports of wanting a re-run in the river states, (read here) and reports that say that polls had not received their ballots.  At any rate voting was extended into today.  The world holds it’s breath as we hope and pray for peaceful results.  Not like the last time when 800 people were attacked after the results were made public.  Again, time will tell.  Those I have spoken with are jubulent that they can return home to the areas the military re-took from Boko Haram, saying with Joy “we can return home, we can farm, and we can be happy once again.”  I hope and pray this is true.

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