Afghanistan: Woman Beaten & Burned-Where Is The UN’S Commission On Women’s Rights?

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Women in this part of the country are considered less than human, it is reported that this woman was beaten for supposedly burning pages of the Koran.  It is also reported that she was considered mentally ill.  But the UN’s commission on women’s rights turns their eyes on this and other heinous crimes against women and humanity.  In some countries like Pakistan and India women are repeatedly raped and the men go free, or the woman is arrested or attacked for accusing.  In this case the religion that the western leaders would have us believe is peaceful except for a few who are twisting it, have murdered a woman accusing her of burning a page of their Holy book.  Peaceful religion? Meanwhile,  the war on women is raging full steam ahead and the liberal west thinks that they can sweep it under the rug.   I have one question for those in the UN demonizing Israel &  leading the cry for women’s rights to have free birth control, and free abortions, and that is what is wrong with you?


Afghanistan buries woman beaten to death by mob

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  1. I heard about this atrocity! The U.N. takes it’s directives and receives it’s permission to function from the same source that Mr. President receives his orders and directives, the same GROUP that pulls his strings.

    The U.N. will do nothing.

    She is only one poor helpless woman. She cannot burn down city’s and kill and slaughter multitudes of innocent people. But the vicious Islamic nations that are practicing this “perdition” they call “peaceful religion”, now THEY might cause some problems.

    They might fill the streets baying to their demon about how great it is. It also might cause Mr. President to become upset and upbraid the U.N. for insulting “peaceful islam”. . Although that probably would NOT happen, as it would contradict his “handlers”. So the U.N. will bow to these Islamic nations and let the innocent suffer as they turn their heads the other way.

    In all probability the U.N. will do NOTHING. The U.N. is NOT made to help the people of the earth, it is formed to CONTROL the people of the earth, and to railroad them into the future PLAN of the “puppet masters”.

    “After all”, they say, ” the masses of people are nothing. It is the “cause” that matters”, (.END QUOTE PUPPET MASTERS !! )

    May The LORD GOD of Israel strike them down along with their filthy plan.

    May The LORD+ cause millions to flee from the lie of islam unto the Light and Life of MESSIAH YESHUA

    May HE+ help this poor woman’s family and ALL women who are forced to live under this dark and deathly system of lies. Amen + + +



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