America Will Be Trampled: Al-Aqsa Mosque Sheik Rebukes Pakistan for Not Launching Nuclear Strike to Help Establish Caliphate


My Comment:  This is the most disturbing video I have seen yet.  With all the news the last few years, this one video puts it all in perspective from Iran to the coasts of Africa.  From every move that Western Governments have made to now, this is very eye opening.  Pakistan is indeed a nuclear state, and now with Islamists calling for Pakistan to use them against the enemies of their Prophet and God, this is very significant.  The goal of all of these groups and Islam is to destroy the infidels and rule the world.  And now in order to establish a caliphate they are calling upon Pakistan, a nuclear nation.  I know from speaking with many from there that this is a very grave concern that the military would either cooperate or these weapons would fall into the hands of the Taliban or other groups wanting to bring this about.  I have to ask after years of struggling to stop the proliferation of Nuclear weapons, what have we done?  Why are we not concerned with the fact that weapons of mass destruction will be allowed into the hands of those who want to destroy the world starting with Israel and the US?  Saudi Arabia just announced they want the same deal as Iran.  Peace?  Really?   While they are saying, “Peace and safety!” then destruction will come upon them suddenly like labor pains upon a woman with child, and they will not escape. 1 Thessalonians 5:3

This video-clip contains two addresses at the Al-Aqsa Mosque delivered by preacher Muhammad Abed (“Abu Abdallah”) on March 6 and 13, 2015. He rebuked Pakistan, asking: “Why do some generals, who have the ability to change history with one swift blow, refrain from doing so?” America, he said, would be “trampled by the hooves of the horses of the Caliph of the Muslims.” via Al-Aqsa Mosque Sheik Rebukes Pakistan for Not Launching Nuclear Strike to Help Establish Caliphate – YouTube.

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  1. Reblogged this on THE DAY AND HOUR UNKNOWN.


  2. personally, i view their videos as NOTHING MORE than propaganda.

    sure islamofascism IS alive & well,it’s been ongoing since this false religion began.

    understand exactly WHAT TERRORISM IS, and why we cannot slap up OUR video responses uncensored and under bs laws.

    propaganda is terrorism.


  3. Just looking at the expressions on the faces of the men listening to this guy, I got the impression they thought he was full of…..


  4. THE FATHER SENT his PROPHETS to warn america,in HOPES they would wakeup and STOP trying to murder the WORLD,but americans LOVE seeing the blood of children flowing down the side walks in cities around the world,including their own neighborhood,AND then you have the gaul to critize what the foreign governments are having to do to defend themselves from a nation who wants to murder and sodomize their children with their SATANIC military?? I’AM talking about the USA HERE,the most rotten and corrupt people and government on earth,IF anyone thinks for one second america is a GODLY nation,you need to seek the FATHER or at least his prophets,and let them set you straight….I live in DEMONIC colorado,and when some one isn’t shoving a gun in my face their telling me they LOVE SATAN,and to get away from them,THEY HATE the LORD in this country and NO ONE wants to hear the GOOD news of OUR LORDS return,they want satan,AND SO SHALL THEIR WISH BE GRANTED…AMERICA,YOU HAVE NOT CHOSEN WISELY………..


  5. as i told inti izlam is not bigoted at all they they are just religous zealots bent on genocide against anyone who wont accept there babalonion moon god allah or his muredring pedophile profit mohhamed and they cant even stop murdering each other over an argument about who is more closly related to there murdering pedophile profit mohhamed….


  6. Honestly, these people are totally demon-possessed. They have no more feeling or compassion than the demon they serve and call allah, no more mercy or sense than the perverse so-called “prophet” they claim to follow.

    Instead of the hoped for goal of this arrogant fool, he and all of islam is going to be trampled into the dust by something much greater than a herd of horses.

    They have already cursed and hated Israel and are themselves under a curse of the Eternal and Living GOD, YHWH ELOHIM of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob/Israel.

    Breathing out his sulfurous stench against GOD’S people will avail him NOTHING. He seals his own destruction with his own foolish mouth.

    May The Eternal LORD GOD send forth FIRE against the enemies of HIS Beloved SON+ and the haters of HIS people Israel. .


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