Christian Genocide Happening Now- But Our Leader Say’s: Majority of ISIS Victims Have Been Muslim


I don’t even know what to say anymore.  The revilement and misrepresentation coming out of our leadership is astonishingly beyond belief.  It feels surreal.  It’s almost indescribable.  Rights groups and experts have claimed there is a genocide on Christians, and have said that the Christian population in the middle east is nearing extinction and our leadership continuously denies this.  Their solution?  “Degrade and defeat.”  Degrade?  Really?  This evil demonic ideology that our President say’s is perverting a religion has done nothing but degrade our Faith, they have sent clear messages to the west all the way down to their orange jumpsuits.  They rape, parade naked, and parade their victims in cages through the streets, I might add like the Roman Empire did in ancient times, and then slaughters them in ways not seen in thousands of years.  Attacking Christians, and yes other religious minorities, but none like they have the Christians.  They sent video messages to the “nation of the Cross,”  beheaded everyone that professes Christ, Burned thousands of churches, enforced a tax on all those that they have not killed, crucified those they didn’t behead, and burned alive the rest.  Abducting Christians has become a game to them.  Abducting those who represent Christianity and our leadership say’s they have killed Muslims.

“ISIL continues to exact its evil upon innocents of all faiths, and the majority of its victims have been Muslims,” she added in a statement.  She added: “To bring an end to these daily horrors, we remain committed to leading the international coalition to degrade and defeat ISIL and to working towards a negotiated political solution that stops the bloodshed and secures a future of freedom, justice, and dignity for all Syrians.”  via US Condemns ISIS Mass-Abduction of Christians – News from America – News – Arutz Sheva.

Activists Warn of End of Christian Presence in Middle East As ISIS Seizes 90 Assyrians

In Mosul ISIS began marking Christian homes with the letter N in arabic standing for Nazarene.  A long time figure of stability for Christians, the Vicar of Baghdad was finally forced to evacuate, and in Syria whole villages were destroyed.  There are those that compare the slaughter of Christians today with the Armenian genocide in 1915.  Syriac Christians in one report said  Assad once told them “Syria is your homeland, wherever you may be”.  But now their homeland is taken in such brutality not seen for hundreds of years.  In a cleansing that rivals the genocides of the past.  In a Reuters report about the recent mass abduction of Christians by ISIS they say  “Christians formed the majority in Syria’s Jazeera area, which includes Hasaka.”   According to Reuters Christians from surrounding villages are flocking to Hasaka for safety.  As ISIS is pushed from areas like Kobani they flee the onslaught.

The western governments including our own have vastly understated this from the beginning.  In their zeal to topple governments all across the middle east and even Africa they have created hell on earth.  Yet the Christians in this part of the world are still finding ways to worship, still finding ways to forgive, still finding ways to thank God.  And there is no condemnation from the leader of the free world who claims to be a Christian.  No empathy, no condemnation no cries of unity for the suffering of Christians.  Only condemnation for some he claims is distorting a peaceful religion.


A peaceful religion that is famous for slaughtering Christians and Jews, a religion that is only enforcing their law.  Sharia law.  Yes they are killing other muslims and other faiths that won’t adhere to sharia, but the majority are Christian.  These are ancient lands where Christianity and Judaism once thrived.  And they are being systematically destroyed.   Only recently with the burning alive of a Jordanian pilot have muslim leaders spoken condemnation for this group.  Only recently have Muslim leaders said ‘this is a muslim problem’  a ‘generational problem,’  King Abdullah was the first to speak out about it.  Egypt’s leader came next.  The truth is it is a muslim problem.  For all those wishing to live in peace it is a problem.  It’s a problem for the world as a whole as they try to instill a new caliphate, a new one world order, and as long as the western governments back this carving out of a new order we will see the abomination of desolation continue to  raise it’s ugly head.  And if you think the propaganda coming out of the leadership is new, it’s not these words have been spoken in modern times.  Yes History records the same deceptive speech almost word for word by Hitler’s minions.  Look at the quotes from speeches made by Hitler and Joseph Goebbels.  The world watched in silence as the Holocaust happened, and then vowed never again, but look at what is happening again, Christians and Jews are threatened alike.  The goal of this demonic ideology is to kill all the Jews and Christians and take over Jerusalem then the world.  Take a trip back through history and you will see.

Joseph Goebbels:

  • What does Christianity mean today? National Socialism is a religion. All we lack is a religious genius capable of uprooting outmoded religious practices and putting new ones in their place. We lack traditions and ritual. One day soon National Socialism will be the religion of all Germans. My Party is my church, and I believe I serve the Lord best if I do his will, and liberate my oppressed people from the fetters of slavery. That is my gospel.
  • The point of a political speech is to persuade people of what we think right. I speak differently in the provinces than I do in Berlin, and when I speak in Bayreuth, I say different things from what I say in the Pharus Hall. That is a matter of practice, not of theory. We do not want to be a movement of a few straw brains, but rather a movement that can conquer the broad masses.
  • Propaganda should be popular, not intellectually pleasing. It is not the task of propaganda to discover intellectual truths. Those are found in other circumstances, I find them when thinking at my desk, but not in the meeting hall.
  • The English follow the principle that when one lies, it should be a big lie, and one should stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.

Now fast forward to 2015.  Our leader has made these same speeches.  Everything comes out of the handbook for radicals.  Saul Alinsky tutored the current philosophy and groomed it into what today is leading the free world.  Remember he dedicated his book to Lucifer.  And remember our leader is a community organizer, this is where he got his start.  Remember these things and learn from them.

Dedication page reads: “Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history... the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”

Dedication page reads:
“Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history… the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”

  • Saul David Alinsky (January 30, 1909 – June 12, 1972) was an American community organizer, and writer. He is generally considered to be the founder of modern community organizing. He is often noted for his book Rules for Radicals.  
  • Saul David Alinsky was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1909 to Russian Jewish immigrant parents.
  • His early efforts to “turn scattered, voiceless discontent into a united protest” earned the admiration of Illinois governor Adlai Stevenson, who said Alinsky’s aims “most faithfully reflect our ideals of brotherhood, tolerance, charity and dignity of the individual.”
  • In Rules for Radicals (his final work, published in 1971 one year before his death), Alinsky addressed the 1960s generation of radicals, outlining his views on organizing for mass power. In the opening paragraph Alinsky writes,What follows is for those who want to change the world from what it is to what they believe it should be. The Prince was written by Machiavelli for the Haves on how to hold power. Rules for Radicals is written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away.”


Ok you get the picture.  Everything that has come out of the mouths of our leadership has it’s origins in socialism, communism and Islamism.  Our leader has said that the American people are bitter because of the jobs situation so they cling to their religion and their guns.  This administration has publicly denounced Christianity over and over again, even comparing the crusades with ISIS.  They have refused to denounce this ideology repeatedly.  And continue to say this is not a war on Christianity.  Downplaying the genocide and suffering. And yet Christians who are suffering, and those watching are growing their faith in Christ.  It’s what we do, we strengthen our Faith, & join in prayer and forgiveness. We try to speak the truth, we try to warn, but sadly it falls on deaf ears.

Corrie Ten Boom said it best:  ”

  • “When a train goes through a tunnel and it gets dark, you don’t throw away the ticket and jump off. You sit still and trust the engineer.”
  • Memories are the key not to the past, but to the future.

One last eyeopener. The American leadership continuously says that we are leading the coalition yet reports from those suffering attacks show a very different picture.  It was reported that the recent attacks  from ISIS moving into the Khabur river area that the residents saw fighter jets from the US led coalition and they did nothing to help or stop the movement.  So how exactly are we degrading and defeating this demonic ideology or this barbaric band of demons?  Tell us again.

Commentary by C. J. (I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Christ)

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4 replies

  1. Amazing how few people understand this, C.J.

    The enemy is doing everything he can to destroy God’s creation and His people. For he knows his time is short. He will use anyone to further his agenda; It’s a spiritual war we’re in. Yet, anyone in cahoots with him is doomed to receive his fate. We are urge not to be caught in his snarl. Hold on to Jesus, prophecy is being fulfilled and we know how it ends.

    “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage. DO NOT be afraid; do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God IS with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

    Let’s continue to pray for the masses to wake up. Maranatha!


  2. ISIS is evil!! The FALSE PAGANISM OCCULT-IDEOLOGY of islam is NOT a religion PERIOD!!


    Christian and Jewish Persecution has been around for Thousands of years!!



  3. No truth will come from the “seat of the beast” ( Rev.16:10 ). When the “puppet masters” are finished with this marionette they will cast it aside and appoint the next one in line to take its place. They will use this present one to their advantage and that of their agenda.

    This way the LIE can continue. (They think.)

    However, there is a LIE-BREAKER+ coming on the scene! Exodus 15:3. YHWH is a Man+ of War! YHWH is HIS+ NAME.


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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